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Coup in Turkey, at least 60 dead and a confusing situation – Le Point

A military coup group tried to take power in Turkey, causing a violent response from Ankara on the night of Friday to Saturday with clashes that left at least 60 dead civilians and police. After his Prime Minister Binali Yildirim sure everything was “largely under control,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was less positive, saying Saturday before dawn that “there is in Turkey a government and a president elected by the people “and that” God willing, we’ll get through this. “

the situation in this great country of 80 million people, a key member of NATO, was left confused after six hours the announcement of the attempted coup. Sporadic gunfire was still heard at dawn in several neighborhoods of Ankara and Istanbul, after a night marked by explosions caused, according to media by aerial bombardment.

the warplanes took off from their base in Eskisehir

“those who go down with tanks will be captured as these tanks are not their own, “added Erdogan. He praised the Turks for being down “millions” to the streets to defend the nation, including the iconic Taksim Square in Istanbul, black opponents of the coup.

Prime Minister Yildirim ordered Saturday the military to shoot down planes and helicopters located the hands of the military coup, said a Turkish official. “Warplanes took off from their base in Eskisehir”, in western Turkey, to fight the rebels devices, the official said.

On his arrival at the airport of Istanbul, which was waiting for a dense crowd of supporters, Erdogan denounced early Saturday “a betrayal” carried out for several hours by coup soldiers, whom he accused of being linked to his nemesis Fethullah Gulen, an imam exiled for years in the United States. The movement of the latter condemned, in a statement, “any armed intervention” and blasted the comments “irresponsible” of the Turkish power.

“I do not know yet the fate of head of state -Major “, which according to media would be prisoner of the coup in Ankara at his headquarters, Erdogan said. Speaking to the press at Ataturk Airport, the Head of State said that the hotel where he was on holiday in Marmaris resort in southwestern Turkey, was bombed after his departure.

Parliament bombed

Prime Minister Yildirim has reported 120 arrests in connection with the attempted coup “silly” and “doomed to fail”. To 3:00 (0:00 GMT), he said the situation was “largely under control” on NTV television. A spokesman for the intelligence service also mentioned a “return to normal”.

Parliament, around which tanks were deployed, was bombed in the capital Ankara, where 17 policemen were killed, said the Anadolu agency. In Istanbul soldiers opened fire on the crowd, injuring, found an AFP photographer. fighter aircraft F-16 shot down a helicopter of the coup, according to Turkish television after a curfew and martial law were introduced.

Two hours after the announcement of the coup State, President Erdogan predicted its failure, the white voice on TV and speaking from an undisclosed location with a laptop via FaceTime.

the bridges over the Bosporus are closed

the Turkish state television had broadcast just before midnight (2100 GMT) a statement from the “Turkish armed forces,” referring to the proclamation of martial law and a curfew on the whole national territory. “We will not allow that public order is degraded in Turkey (…) A curfew is imposed on the country until further notice,” said a statement signed by the “Council for peace in the country “who says he” took control in the country. ” The Prime Minister warned those involved in the “illegal” action they would pay “the highest price.”

The bridges over the Bosphorus between Asia and Europe in Istanbul were closed in both ways. In Istanbul, including major arteries leading to Taksim Square, in the center of the first metropolis of Turkey, were blocked by the security forces and the police presence was important in the streets.

television showed large crowds gathered near Atatürk airport in Istanbul, rejoicing in the attempted coup. But others, including Taksim Square, protesting en masse against the coup. Many residents seemed seized with anxiety, even panic, and rushed to stores to buy bottles of water and food and ATMs to withdraw cash.

Shortly after 5 o’clock in morning, fifty military coup went live on télévsioon while F16 fighters of the loyalist army bombed rebel tanks near the presidential palace. At 7 pm, a total of 754 soldiers were arrested in connection with the coup, said Saturday the pro-government news agency Anadolu. In addition, five generals and 29 colonels were dismissed by order of the Interior Minister Efkan Ala.

diplomatic reactions measured

The coup leaders, in a statement posted on the website of the General Staff of the armed justified their “total takeover of the country” by the need “to ensure and restore constitutional order, democracy, human rights Rights and freedoms and let the supreme law of the country prevail. ” “All our international agreements and commitments remain valid. We hope that our good relations will continue with other countries,” it said.

US President Barack Obama called for support for the Turkish government “democratically-elected” , “to show restraint and avoid violence or bloodshed.” The head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini also called for “restraint” and “respect for democratic institutions.” His Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, whose country has just come to terms with Turkey, sought to avoid “any deadly clash”.

The Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon said it was “crucial reinstate civilian rule and constitutional order quickly and peacefully. ” Iranian neighbor Turkey, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed “great concern.”


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