Friday, July 8, 2016

Automotive: a new social agreement signed with PSA –

Paris (AFP) – The PSA automotive group officially signed Friday with five of its six unions a new three-year labor agreement (2017-2019), successor to the 2013 agreement that allowed competitiveness to redress the group <. / p>

this agreement, “New impetus for growth” has been endorsed by five organizations (FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC and GSEA-SIA, CFDT), representing 80% of the staff, which shows the “trusting relationship with the social partners,” said Xavier Chéreau, HRD PSA. According to him, it is “a rare act enough to be reported.”

At the signing, at the headquarters of the group, the CFDT has put forward an “acceptable balance” between “more flexibility “and” sustainability of our jobs. ” She also welcomed the experiments launched in quality of life at work.

Don Franck (CFTC), the agreement “amplifies the dynamics of economic performance” initiated with the previous. Bouncing on the qualification of the Blues for the final of the Euro, he praised “the victory of the co-construction” on the model of co-management in German.

This agreement includes targets in employment (1,000 hires CDI), production (one million vehicles produced per year) and launch vehicle (one per plant minima) until 2019.

The manufacturer will invest each year between 7 and 8% of the turnover of its automotive division in research and development.

in return, it sets new flexibility measures (Saturdays worked, night work), especially for adapting work organization to changes in activity.

Mr. Chéreau welcomed an agreement “historic founder and” who “has the ambition that all company employees meet there.” “Our desire is to save the company,” he said.

Only the CGT refused the agreement, said it was “shameful”.

the 2013 competitive agreement was rejected by the CGT and the CFDT.

in 2015, the group sold nearly three million vehicles a third of which occurred in France.


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