Monday, August 1, 2016

The opposition ready to return to the taxation at source – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Gilles Carrez believes that in case of victory of the right in the 2017 presidential election the device could be reviewed by the summer. François Bayrou, for his part, supported the government.

“It will come back to it.” Gilles Carrez, president Republicans of the commission of Finance of the national Assembly, did not hide his intentions on Monday against the withholding tax introduced by the government. Asked by Europe 1, he felt it would be “quite time in the summer of 2017″ to return to this dispute device. “Today we have a system that works properly with monthly withdrawals, with the statement pre-filled with good responsiveness of tax services in case of change of situation, all goes well, he justified. And so I see no technical benefit. On the contrary, we will have privacy concerns with this new system. This will create a burden on employers “

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Gilles Carrez, the introduction of the withholding tax is “political in nature”. It would in fact “to merge the income tax and the CSG.” “And this is very serious and very dangerous for the middle class, upper middle, because make progressive CSG to ensure that the CSG is no longer paid by half of the tax households, as is the case the income tax, will have very damaging consequences on the middle class, upper middle, “anticipates Gilles Carrez.

” “the dangers of merging the income tax and CSG

earlier, Eric Woerth, Secretary General of the opposition party and former budget minister, had also displayed his aversion for the new collection system of income tax. “Entrepreneurs must undertake must invest, they need to create jobs, make a profit, they must redistribute these profits in wages to their shareholders, not at all get to be a tax officer in this way, which is therefore a mistake, “he said on France Inter

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Unlike Gilles Carrez, Éric Woerth, however, is willing to have some changes take place. “I am in favor of something, [that] it avoids having a year of difference between tax and income,” he said. But no question about it that companies are responsible for the collection. “Making the tax authorities, and not businesses, monthly levy, not on income from the previous year, but the real income of the year, it’s possible, he said . Companies or employers can almost transmit in real time to the tax authorities income and I do not understand why the government has not moved in that direction. “

The government of Manuel Valls can however claim to support, that of Francois Bayrou, president of the modem, which held that the imposition on the souce was “a very good idea.” “This will allow all taxpayers feel lighter side to tax and that when the money comes at the end of the month, it is the net of tax money.” Former presidential candidate has nevertheless recognized that its implementation would fall under “extreme difficulty”. “We have adjustment difficulties which are very significant challenges, but the withholding tax is a useful modernization provided that there is a large consensus and provided we have taken all necessary precautions. “


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