Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Monoprix is ​​tobacconist office in Epinal – Le Figaro

Since this summer, the station Epinal has a Monop’station, a supermarket Monoprix group authorized to sell tobacco. A device found “unfair” as tobacconists who show their anger.

Since July 22, the station Epinal (Vosges) features a Monop’station, a supermarket Monoprix group authorized to sell tobacco. In addition to a ham and butter, travelers will be able to afford a pack of cigarettes. “A service to the population,” according to the prefecture added that “there were no tobacconists near the station.” To make life easier for smokers, so she agreed to open this space of 100 square meters, replacing the newsagent Relay sign.

What triggered the ire of tobacconists already penalized by the illegal resale of tobacco and the appearance of neutral packages. “The cigarettes represent 50% of our turnover” is unworthy Catherine Marcel, President of the Vosges tobacconists, “Monoprix will offer a considerable choice of basic necessities. Customers will therefore be looking more to buy from us. ” It also emphasizes the “adversarial” nature of this decision which “facilitates the consumption of a product decried by the government.”

Monoprix is ​​the first sign of large retailers to obtain such authorization. A “risk” by Catherine Marcel, who says that “the sale of products will be made by a vendor, not formed on constraints such as banning the sale of tobacco to minors.” To defend itself, the Monoprix Group recalls that already owns “14 Monop’station including 5 allowed to sell cigarettes since 2012,” before stressing that it is “a recovery from a newsagent, thus causing no major change “.

If Catherine Marcel says the Chambre Syndicale tobacconists was never informed of this implementation, the Monoprix group insists that” the prefecture has given agreement after consulting the Confederation of tobacconists’. What add fuel to the fire …


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