Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hinkley Point: a new controversy – Le Figaro

Jean-Bernard Levy knew that the British government would take time before making a decision for the construction of two EPR reactors in the UK.

in the series of highly contested project Hinkley Point in Britain, a new episode is likely to bring water to the mill of its detractors among the directors of EDF and unions. In a letter Tuesday, August 2 to the Executive Committee, Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of EDF, admits he knew before the meeting of the Board of Directors met to endorse the project on July 28 that “given his very arrival recent “, the new British Prime Minister, Theresa may,” asked a little more time, without jeopardizing the interests of the project, without specifying the date of the signature can be done (…). “

the British government should not decide before autumn

“when the vote of the Board, Thursday, July 28 afternoon, we therefore knew that the ceremony would be the next day (…), “says the CEO in this letter unveiled by Reuters. Marked by the resignation of a director appointed by the State objected to the construction project for € 21.3 billion of two EPRs in Britain, and by the strong opposition of FO, CFE-CGC and CGT, the council voted, by a narrow majority in favor of its launch. But the next day, Jean-Bernard Lévy had told reporters he did not know at the time of the council of 28 that London wished to “reflect further”.

The British government should not decide before the fall, not without having reviewed all the points, including the third party financing the project by the Chinese partner of EDF. This does not enthusiasm Theresa May. EDF does not comment on the contradictory statements of its CEO. Next episode of this file, Friday, August 5. The judge must decide on the use of EDF’s corporate central committee to suspend the deliberation of the council endorsing the proposed Hinkley Point.


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