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When Lego becomes stronger than Ferrari! –

When Lego becomes stronger than Ferrari! –

( – Ferrari is no longer the most powerful brand in the world … The automaker has made rob his title by the manufacturer of Danish Lego construction toys, according to the last! Brand Finance ranking, which screens the performance of 500 companies, whether their reputation, their loyalty, but also employee satisfaction. “The Lego toys are unique, creative and immersive, children love the opportunity they offer to build their own worlds.

In a society saturated by new technology, parents also appreciate his creativity, which offers a homecoming, “writes Brand Finance …

End of the Golden Age

If Ferrari loses its luster, it is the eyes of authors this classification because “his power decreases slowly” … So, for several years as its Formula 1 team is not able to win any prices, “the brilliance of its golden age, in the 90s, is in the process of disappearing, “according to Brand Finance. Consequence: the brand tumbles in ninth place. The auditing firm PwC second, ahead of Red Bull, L’Oreal, Burberry or Rolex.

Apple always more expensive

As for the more expensive brands, ie, Apple still dominates the ranking with an estimated 128.3 billion, an increase of 23% year on year. The manufacturer of the iPhone dominates its Korean rival Samsung, far behind with a brand value estimated at $ 81.7 billion. Follow Google and Microsoft, and US telecom operators Verizon and AT & T …

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