Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bouygues Telecom. New gloomy year for the operator – Ouest-France

Bouygues Telecom. New gloomy year for the operator – Ouest-France

If the direction of Bouygues Telecom is the biggest of the crisis is now behind the operator, the latest figures communicated by the group does not invite optimism

Its turnover of 4.4 billion euros in 2014. – down 5% – and especially its net loss on year, reaching 41 million euros, are indeed board the results of the telephone operator in the red, after a slight upturn in growth in 2013 (11 million euros in profits).

Doubt on sale

If Martin Bouygues said, according to Le Monde to have no intention of selling the telecom subsidiary of the powerful construction group, these results However, leave some doubt.

While Bouygues Telecom wiped Free’s takeover attempts and Orange, but it seems that the latest market operator, SFR, Numericable, nourish in turn merge ambitions, relying on the fact that Bouygues Telecom will permanently keep its current business model. A model based on an aggressive pricing policy that fails to develop its workforce subscribers sufficiently to bring the accounts into balance.

Sure of its strategy, Martin Bouygues continues he, to consider a future solo for its subsidiary, anticipating a 2015 again “difficult” , said it in Le Monde (nearly 1500 posts have yet been removed in recent months), before 2016, which, according to him, should be that of “renewed growth” .


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