Friday, February 20, 2015

Macron Act “good” according to Angela Merkel – The Point

Macron Act "good" according to Angela Merkel – The Point

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday that the adoption of the Macron law was “a good thing” for France despite the use of 49.3, during a joint press conference with Hollande at the Elysee. “France does not need my encouragement and congratulations, but I think it’s a good thing that this law was passed,” she said.

“France has its own agenda of reforms and does not need German comments,” stressed the Chancellor, adding, “I know with my German experience, how difficult it is to pass reforms. But I’d say that’s a good thing that it was successful and that this is evidence of a good capacity for action. ” “We have not done to please the European Commission and, although we have a lot of good feelings for Germany, not to please Germany, but because it was useful for us” noted for his part Francois Hollande.

“The idea was to move forward” (Holland)

“If the text had not been approved by the National Assembly should have been all over again and lose several months, which would have been particularly damaging to our country, “he argued, insisting:” The idea was to move forward ” choosing “the best way”. The Chairman noted that members of the Socialist majority “small” according to him, were hostile to Macron law and other members of the opposition could “also conceivable that it was the interest of France “to bring their voice to this reform.


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