Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TripAdvisor. 15 years and 315 million visitors every month – Ouest-France

TripAdvisor. 15 years and 315 million visitors every month – Ouest-France

Fifteen years after its launch, TripAdvisor is in better shape than ever. The US travel site has, indeed, to communicate, through the voice of its CEO and co-founder, Steve Kaufer, dizzying figures on attendance and the power of his site: more than 315 million unique users would visit and each month the travel website listing over 200 million reviews and opinions.

Launched in February 2000 as recommendations site and exchange of experiences that redirected consumers to commercial travel sites, the group has recently begun a strategic shift by offering a direct booking service on its US pages and continues to focus on mobile phones and tablets, which account for nearly 50% of its traffic in 2015.

A turnover jumped 32% year on year

Last year, TripAdvisor has seen its sales jump by 32% year on year to 1.246 billion. What claim to be “the largest travel site in the world” across all its brands, says its leader, even if the site is placed in third position France behind and, according to ComScore. Why TripAdvisor is considering extending the course of 2015, its immediate booking service, and especially in France.

Extend restaurants and attractions

But to continue to grow, TripAdvisor also table on expanding its offering through two pillars of investment: the restaurants and attractions. He filmed in 2014 the acquisition of the French platform TheFork restaurant booking and the US site Viator, specializing in tourist attractions.

And if, in Europe, TripAdvisor is sometimes the target independent professionals and authorities in some countries who question the reliability of the presented opinion (he was sentenced to pay a fine of 500,000 euros by the Italian competition authority, Ed), its founding president believes the platform has “no problem of authenticity or trust: 98% of users consider also the places where they stay consistent with the view that they have read on TripAdvisor” .


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