Saturday, February 28, 2015

Martin Bouygues: the announcement of his death was a mistake – Press Centre

Martin Bouygues: the announcement of his death was a mistake – Press Centre

TF1 and Bouygues directions denied Saturday the death of the industrial
Martin Bouygues, announced by mistake by Agence France-Presse.

V RGENT: industrialist Martin Bouygues died . This is the message sent Saturday at 2:47 p.m. by Agence France-Presse (AFP) to all subscribers, French and foreign media. Like wildfire, the information was relayed immediately of course … and belied by TF1. “The Bouygues Group formally denies the death of its CEO and regrets that such a rumor could spread” , said the Bouygues group in a statement.


This apology

“It is well. But it is quite scared of this announcement. We do not explain us “, said for his part Nayl Catherine, director of information at TF1, a subsidiary of Bouygues group.
AFP canceled the series of dispatches and direction immediately apologized.
“We take this incident very seriously and are conducting a survey in writing to understand how such a mistake could have been committed” , said the Director Information, Michele Léridon.
“We extend our apologies to Martin Bouygues, his relatives, his group and to all our customers,” , a-t -she said. The CEO of AFP Emmanuel Hoog has also apologized to Martin Bouygues and lamented on Twitter “this unacceptable mistake” .
This erroneous announcement sparked Saturday an important emotion on social networks and more media questioned the reasons for such an error.
Based on a first alert obtained by a journalist o f the agency, AFP had tried to obtain confirmations. The erroneous information was then broadcast on the basis of a misunderstanding with a local councilor.
But the leadership of the AFP notes that beyond this misunderstanding, it is a series of failures that are the cause of the error.
“The basic editorial rules in this type of situation and the validation procedures will be recalled” , said Michele Léridon. Adding: “The reputation of the agency is first based on its reliability. We, in everyday life, everything to it is not tainted by such malfunctions. “

Martin Bouygues also owns a residence in Vernou-en-Sologne.


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