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Bettencourt trial: Maximum penalty requirement for Banier, “Chief … – The Obs

Bettencourt trial: Maximum penalty requirement for Banier, "Chief … – The Obs

“I have not changed my mind.” The four-week trial hearing Bettencourt did not change the conviction of the floor. At the end of a long indictment of nearly six hours, the prosecutor asked Gerard Aldigé Friday, February 20 acquittal for five of ten defendants. As at the end of the investigation, when the same Gérard Aldigé then magistrate to request removal or dismissal of the indicted, had requested five references and five acquittals – the judge had then had the last word

The prosecutor has concentrated its fire on Jean-Marie Banier.

Liliane Bettencourt was dispossessed of its money, but especially his family life, support and love of his family, a pack leader responsible for the destruction of an entire family of which he isolated the weakest member “.

This pack leader is François-Marie Banier, this “guru”, who made Liliane Bettencourt “her thing” has “vampirized” alternating “compliments, seduction, and isolation, manipulation and psychological pressure “and got 400 million in donations between 2006 and 2010, at a time when the billionaire was vulnerable.

  • against Banier, parquet requires the maximum sentence. 3 years imprisonment, a fine of € 375,000 and forfeiture of seized property (three life insurance and a property)
  • Against Martin d’Orgeval , the companion of François-Marie Banier, “the sidekick, sidekick”, “has lost none of the feast” in a different register photographer, makes “politeness and discretion,” a heavy penalty also: 3 years imprisonment with 18 months suspended sentence and 375,000 euro fine.
  • Against Patrice de Maistre , the wealth manager LiIiane Bettencourt, who “had to be the protector “but who” betrayed to join the pack “, making the heiress of L’Oreal” a puppet he was pulling the strings “for about 12 million euros, the prosecutor requires the same penalty as against Martin d Orgeval, with confiscation of the seized property.
  • Against Carlos Verajano, the former manager of the island of Arros, the “institutional profiteer” under “allure of tanned gentleman” who “stole” Liliane Bettencourt of the confession itself Patrice de Maistre to the billionaire, a sentence of two years imprisonment and a 375,000 euros fine.
  • Against Jean-Michel Normand notary , in which were signed several acts granting “gifts” to François-Marie Banier, “the lawyer that veil the face” and behaves ” as a simple cash register, “one year suspended sentence and 50,000 euro fine.

Five relaxed required

For the five other defendants, Gerard Aldigé requires only no conviction. The case of the nurse Alain Thurin is in a coma after a suicide attempt the day before the opening of the trial was disjointed.

The investment of Liliane Bettencourt in society Stéphane Courbit in the amount of 143 million euros, at the initiative of his lawyer Pascal Wilhelm , does not represent “a serious detrimental act” in the eyes of the prosecutor, which requires relaxes to the two men. Relax also required for notary Patrice Bonduelle , in which the act was signed.

“Where is the proof?”

Finally, there is Eric Woerth , who could expect a favorable treatment by the few and brief interrogation he suffered. The former UMP minister is on trial for concealment of money (at least 50,000 euros) received from Liliane Bettencourt via Patrice de Maistre to finance the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, of which he was treasurer in 2007. For condemn, says the prosecutor, “it would prove that these remittances have occurred and Eric Woerth knew that this money came from a criminal offense.” “Where is the proof?” Asked the magistrate. “I look for.” Relax, then. If the court follows the submissions of the prosecutor, the political aspect of the case, in which Nicolas Sarkozy had been indicted, has disappeared with all hands.

Anne-Sophie Hojlo


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