Sunday, February 22, 2015

Greece: Tsipras persists and signs against austerity – BBC

Greece: Tsipras persists and signs against austerity – BBC

Despite the pressure of the Europeans, the Prime Minister wants to include in the list of reforms to be submitted to the Europeans, social measures of his election campaign.

According to the speech of Alexis Tsipras, Greece is again a sovereign country that has definitely turned the page of austerity. In a speech to the nation on Saturday after four months of suspension snatched at Brussels, Greek Prime Minister wanted to reassure the public about the progress of negotiations with the European partners, but said that the country had “won a battle but not the war. ” And because it has 120 days to convince one hand the EU, the ECB and the IMF of its willingness to carry out a list of reforms and on the other hand, his voters to prove he is faithful its electoral program.

In a first list of reforms to be provided today, Alexis Tsipras would commit to the fight against bureaucracy, corruption, cartels and tax evasion, to reopen the issue of privatization yet released during his election campaign. It also plans to fight against what he called “humanitarian crisis” and wants to integrate a series of social measures such as the restoration of collective agreements, free electricity for the poor, freezing of lower pensions and that the VAT. Finally, he wants to straighten the minimum wage to 751 euros instead of 560 euros currently. A question arises: how does it intend to fund these social measures as he is committed to not burden the state budget

If it is sure of himself? it’s because Alexis Tsipras knows that in the last round of the Eurogroup Friday, February 20, he managed to get the downward revision of the objective of the primary budget surplus to 1.5% in 2015 and 2026 instead of 3 and 4% respectively. This means it has a financial leeway of 3 to 3.5 billion euros to implement its social action program.

So real negotiations begin this week. Yanis Varoufakis, Greek Finance Minister is confident validation by the European institutions and reform measures that will be proposed to them, but threat of a “new Eurogroup Tuesday, if that was not the case.” Sotiris Dallis professor of political science at the University of Athens, the only term Eurogroup shook the Greeks: “It is a mistake to refer to it.” Just Friday, the day of the last Eurogroup billion euros was withdrawn from banks. The crucial point for this teacher is keeping the euro zone, “is a basis for discussion on which no one can go for the next four months at least, and it is reassuring for everyone.” The continued public support massively Alexis Tsipras. They appreciate its firmness. In the political class, apart from the Communist Party, the major opposition parties welcomed the return to the real politics of the government.

Now Sotiris Dallis, the greatest enemy of the Prime Minister is in his own camp “and the low blows were quick to come.” Thus, Manolis Glezos MEP SYRIZA and emblematic figure of the Greek Left, wrote Sunday in the Greek people, to apologize for the change of government and “to have participated in this illusion.” It states that no campaign promise has been applied for the moment and the only noticeable change is in the order of rhetoric, “namely the Troika renamed in institutions, and help memorandum plan agreement , it does not change the situation, you can not call a spade a dog, “he concludes.


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