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Unemployment: The number of registered Class A fell in January –

Unemployment: The number of registered Class A fell in January –

( – Petit better on the job market in January … According to data released Wednesday night by employment center and the Ministry of Labour, the number of applicants registered in category A, and thus exerting no activity fell by 0.5% or 19,100 persons less, reaching 3.48 million. Adding categories B and C (reduced activity), the number of students increased, however, by 0.3% (16,100) to $ 5,232,100 in France and 5,530,600 including the departments of . Overseas

Seniors in 1st line

In category A, all age groups are affected by the downturn, with one exception: the seniors. The decline was 1.4% for those under 25 years (+ 0.4% yoy) and 0.6% for those aged 25 to 49 years (+ 4.2% year on year) . Conversely, the number of job seekers over 50 years increased by 0.1% (+ 9.6% yoy). That of “long-term” unemployed (over a year) also continues to rise at 0.7% for categories A, B and C.

Air Plan

Despite a slight improvement early this year, the Minister of Labour, François Rebsamen is cautious. We must “observe over time the monthly developments,” he says, adding that “the fight against unemployment will not falter.” He recalled that 100,000 assisted contracts in the market sector in 2015 will be offered for those who are furthest from the labor market. He also cites the plan presented earlier this month. It includes 20 measures targeted personalized support and qualification …

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