Saturday, February 21, 2015

OPCIs general public funds that are attracting more and more … – (Press Release)

OPCIs general public funds that are attracting more and more … – (Press Release)


A real leap forward. With EUR 813 million in 2014 to counter the net collection “OPCI general public” was almost three higher than in 2013, according to data released this week by the IEIF. Suffice to say that the collective investment in real estate open to individuals are popular.

While 2012 had already resulted in a collection of 598 million euros. But according IEIF, the figures were skewed by the creation of a new medium at Axa from the transformation of former variable insurance contracts. In short, 2014 has marked the first year of real important collection.

After only six years of existence, OPCIs general public have already achieved 2 billion capitalization with only 9 vehicles available on the market. Moreover, the performance is very concentrated. 4 of these materials have accumulated 98% of the collection and 2 exceed 700 million euros capitalization.

Besides the SCPI, these other rock-paper media have the advantage of asset mix property and financial assets. Moreover their legal framework, similar to that of mutual funds, facilitates marketing, principally in life insurance contracts. IEIF also stipulates in this regard that the bulk of the collection in 2014 was conducted via life insurance contracts in units of account.


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