Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Europe is providing four-month stay in Greece – FranceTV info

Europe is providing four-month stay in Greece – FranceTV info

Tuesday 24 February, the finance ministers of the euro area gave their agreement to extend for four months the financial support to Greece. . Brussels and approves the reform plan proposed by Athens

For now 15h, the Slovak Minister attending the meeting in Brussels announced first on Twitter conclusion of an agreement: ” Eurozone agreement. Greece has serious work to do before the end of April. Now we all want to see the numbers “.

This morning, the Greek Finance Minister was confident. Yet these reforms six pages are well short of the election promises of Alexis Tsipras. The government is committed to fighting deep against tax evasion and corruption Above all, it backtracked on privatization. On raising the minimum wage or figure announced or calendar.

The Greek government must now deal with a sling to the left of his own party. The price for this new touch using seven billion.


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