Thursday, February 26, 2015

The monthly minimum wage is now much higher in … – Le Figaro

The monthly minimum wage is now much higher in … – Le Figaro

According to Eurostat, the monthly minimum wage is 1473 euros in Germany against 1,458 euros in France. A true revolution. This is a life-size demonstration that “to earn more you have to work more!”

As happy as God in France, and prosperous as a smicard in Germany . Everyone knows of course the first saying, which is also of German origin. But we’ll have to get used to second a worker paid the minimum wage now earns more in Germany than in France. This is the Eurostat said. According to figures released Thursday by the Institute of European statistics, the monthly minimum wage is established since 1 January 1473 euros in Germany and 1,458 euros in France.

Everyone knows that Germany did only recently converted to the minimum wage. The reform was decided after the general elections in September 2013 and it has actually been implemented as of January 1, 2015. After much reflection in Germany, the federal government decided to set the minimum wage to 8 50 euros per hour. It is certainly much less than in France, where it reached 9.61 euros. But the Germans catch up by applying another adage, “work more to earn more”. And the result is there: a German paid the minimum wage has a higher monthly pay his French counterpart

Loss of a rare superiority

Eurostat says that “for them. countries where the minimum wage is not defined on a monthly basis, “but time (which is the case in France, Germany and the United Kingdom),” the minimum wage level is converted to a monthly rate on monthly standard hours of work carried out by many months. ” In France, it is very simple, it is 35 hours. In Germany things are a little more complicated because there is no national legal working time, each branch and even each company fixed hours of work that suits him, in consultation with the unions. Eurostat has of course taken into account and is based on an average across all branches in Germany.

This comparison of the minimum wage to lose one of the few French superiority they had overlooked German far. Overall wages are indeed on average much higher in Germany compared to what they are in France. It has new evidence through figures Eurostat publishes today: it appears that the minimum wage represents 60% of the median wage in France, according to Eurostat (remember that the median divides into two people, 50% people paid above the median, and 50% paid below). In Germany the minimum monthly wage, while higher in absolute terms the French minimum wage represents only 49% of the median wage. We will let Internet users with the task of calculating the respective median wages in both countries, and how it is higher in Germany which is a mere exercise of elementary arithmetic! However, here is the result we have found: 3006 euros for the median wage in Germany and in France in 2430, a difference of 20% to the disadvantage of the French employee!

highest standard of living in Germany

Last but not least, Eurostat provides further evidence that the Germans paid minimum wage have an even higher standard of living, compared to the French, than indicated two digits of 1473 and 1458 euros respectively. Statisticians Eurostat put into effect before the classical notion of wages ‘purchasing power standard’ (PPS): in simple terms it is to take into account the level of prices between the two countries. But overall the absolute level of consumer prices is higher in France, notably because of indirect taxes and expenses that businesses have to bear. Thus the minimum wage in PPS is 1441 euros in Germany and 1337 only in France, a difference of about 10% in favor of the Rhine.

The question is not allowed: German employees paid in the bottom of the scale are much better off than the French. Of course we regret that Eurostat does not confirm that God is truly happy in France. But there is so much talk of religion at this time in France, that doubt is not allowed. Originally the term “happy as God in France” date of our wars of religion, God could only be pleased to see that there is fighting in his name, felt so ironically our German friends


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