Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Britain: Lords approve “babies three parents” – Romandie.com

Britain: Lords approve "babies three parents" – Romandie.com

Britain: Lords approve “babies three parents”

British House of Lords on Tuesday approved the in vitro fertilization technique (IVF), which can give birth to babies whose DNA from two women and one man. Britain became the first country to legalize the technique of “baby three parents.”

After more than three hours of debate, the Lords agreed legislation that authorizes such treatment, that of “mitochondrial transfer” . The House of Commons had already endorsed in early.

This technique involved in the fertilization process to remove faulty mitochondrial DNA, which can cause serious diseases such as muscular dystrophy or blindness. About one baby in 6,000 is born with severe mitochondrial problems.

                   IVF is called “three-parent” because the genes of unborn baby will come from his mother, his father and the donor. It is still the subject of research in Britain and the United States, but experts believe that the first baby born this technique could arise from next year.

Jeremy Farrar, Director Wellcome Trust Group, welcomed the vote of Lords who “made the right choice.” Mark Downs, head of biology company, himself has spoken of “a great day for British science.”

But Marcy Darnovsky, group director of the Center for Genetics and Society, denounced a “historic mistake” that will deliver according to her children for biological experiments. She warned against “genetic modification” risky to be transmitted to future generations

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