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The “welcome bonus” of the new head of Sanofi unworthy … – The Obs

The "welcome bonus" of the new head of Sanofi unworthy … – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Calls for “moral” side government announcement “scandalous” for unions: After the “golden parachutes” and “retreats hats”, the “welcome bonus” which will benefit the new boss Sanofi, which could reach 4 million, has created a critical burst Monday.

Olivier Brandicourt, whose appointment was announced Thursday, will benefit from a home premium, very convenient widespread in the United States, where it is called “golden handshake” (“golden handshake”). The new leader will receive a gross lump sum of € 2 million during his taking office in early April, and another of the same amount in January 2016, it is still in office at that time.

“It’s incomprehensible,” ruled the spokesman of the government, Stéphane Le Foll. “How all these people, who explain that it is the merit (…) taking risks that need to outcomes, these people, they hardly take the helm of a company – that is, ie they still have not taken any risks – are already assured of incommensurate pay “

” There must be rules that are reaffirmed, some morality, “he scolded.

” When you’re a business leader, you are not alone in the world, we are in a context, and each must reflect this context ” “a time of difficulty for many French,” said Finance Minister Michel Sapin.

The Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal hoped that Mr. Brandicourt waives bonus, calling “a little decency, especially from pharmaceutical companies who depend on Social Security, so contributions on wages”

Same story in the updates from Marisol Touraine. “Far from the real daily life of the French … There is still time to give up! “

The announcement of the award, published on the website of the group, has boosted trade unions.

The CFDT union at Sanofi first, called by the voice of his number one Laurent Berger’s new boss Sanofi to “deny” his “welcome bonus” in the name of “morality” and asked Matignon to intervene “If this is not the case.”

In the enterprise, Thierry Bodin (CGT, third union) called the premium “scandalous”, “in light of the experiences of employees and unemployed in this country “

-. Indemnity” consistent with the practices of the CAC 40 “-

Sanofi, which vies with the title of the first Total capitalization of the Paris Stock Exchange, and nearly 34 billion in sales a year, spent six months without a CEO after ousting late October of Chris Viehbacher. It’s finally Mr. Brandicourt, training doctors currently head of the pharmaceutical business of Bayer, who was appointed on Thursday.

No comments the person was not available Monday with the German company .

Sanofi shares closed up 1.90% at 89.05 cents on the Bourse de Paris, in a CAC up 0.65%.

“We are only offset the benefits to which he gave up by leaving his previous employer,” he told AFP a spokesman for Sanofi, which indicates that Mr Viehbacher had received a similar mechanism at its decision function.

This compensation is “consistent with the practices of the pharmaceutical industry, the practices of the CAC 40 and the AFEP-MEDEF code,” said the spokesman.

On 44 pages account this non-binding code, formalized by the AFEP and MEDEF employers’ organizations, one paragraph is devoted to “plug-duty allowances,” which “will [may] be agreed [ed] that a new executive director from a company outside the group. In this case, the amount must be made public at the time of fixation. “

Given the many controversies aroused by the remuneration of directors of private companies, the government has so far relied on self -Regulation, except coaching retreats hat which is included in the Macron law.

Asked about the desirability of limiting such remuneration by law, Mr Le Foll said that “this could be in the law but the problem is that these big companies are international.” Similarly, Ms. Royal has remained prudent, merely evoke the “self-discipline” that should apply in this type of situation.


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