Friday, February 27, 2015

Greece: the German Bundestag said “yes” to the extension of aid –

Greece: the German Bundestag said "yes" to the extension of aid –

( – The lower house of the German parliament (Bundestag) ruled Friday in favor of the extension of a period of four months, the financial assistance provided to Greece. The text won the votes of 542 of the 631 MPs, says Reuters. Before the vote of Deputies, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has wanted one last reassuring. “There is no question of granting new billion to Greece, or change anything in the program. This is to give or allow more time to complete this successful program,” -t he argued.

Wolfgang Schäuble also recalled that Greece could not do “what it wants.” Athens will not be allowed to “blackmail” its European partners, he said. In exchange for this extension, Greece was required to submit a reform program adopted by the Eurogroup Tuesday and which provides in particular to fight hard against tax evasion. The government has also committed not to return to the current privatization.

Germany is among the countries whose parliamentary vote is required to validate the extension. Each Member State shall adopt before the plan takes effect.

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