Thursday, February 26, 2015

For small employers, the unemployment curve will not reverse … – Le Figaro

For small employers, the unemployment curve will not reverse … – Le Figaro

The 57th barometer for very small businesses conducted by Ifop is severe for the government. 85% of bosses TPE expect a sluggish year on the employment front, while a majority believes that the Macron law will prove ineffective.

The spirit of 11 January fizzled … According to the 57th wave of very small businesses barometer (TPE), directed by Ifop for Fiducial society and that Le Figaro could see results, TPE bosses still do not believe in government policy. Only 27% of them expect a rebound in the economy in 2017. Worse horizon, 28% expect a stagnation of GDP and 45% even a recession. Result, six in ten do not plan to fall in unemployment before … “after 2018″.

A real blow to the Valls government because only 2% of TPE bosses think that the reversal of the unemployment curve will occur this year, and 13% in 2016. Moreover, 85% of them expect a sluggish year on the employment front, only 9% of TPE planning to create posts. For the record, TPE represent 97% of companies in France, generating 27% of value added and concentrate 30% of employment.

And this is not, according to them, the law Macron – voted forceps (first reading) to the Assembly and the Senate will land in April – will change that. If they are one in three think that the text defended by Minister of Economy to boost growth in the right direction (but not far enough), they are more than one in two (55%) to judge “This project will not change anything to the situation of the French economy”

Only good mark for the young tenant of Bercy. only 8% of small employers that are expressed in the last batch of the barometer Fiducial that it’s “project threatens the economic, social and societal balance.”

The Minister of Economy will still be reassured by finding that two measures of its iconic law are considered effective by leaders TPE: the ability to negotiate branch by branch offsets Sunday work (54% for, 45% against) and the extension conditional May to December Sundays a year of Sunday store openings (53%, 45% against). “However, this relaxation of the opening of shops on Sunday is considered effective by 44% of traders, the first concerned” nuance Ifop.

The small employers are severe revenge the opening to competition of regulated professions of law, little or not effective in 59% of them. A level almost identical to the assessment on the liberalization of bus transportation, which pleases only 38% of small employers.


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