Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The number of unemployed fell in January – BBC

The number of unemployed fell in January – BBC

The number of registered Class A Pole employment fell by 19,100 last month. Not seen for seven years.

For the fourth time since the election of François Hollande in May 2012, the number of unemployed in Class A (unemployed) declined on a month in France. And significantly: from 19,100, bringing to just over 3.84 million total unemployed persons registered at employment center at the end of the first month of the year. Better, it is even the largest decline recorded since … December 2007 (except for the August 2013, SFR-related bug and had led to an explosion of temporary radiation). Is the largest decline recorded in seven years!

“However, it should be cautious and observe over time the monthly developments” downplayed François Rebsamen. At right, for ever unemployment figures have declined for two consecutive months since April 2011. The Minister of Labour has, however, welcomed the Registration decline for youth in January (- 7600), closely followed by the aggregate government “that had not experienced such a decline for over a year.” François Rebsamen, which was more accustomed since arriving Rue de Grenelle to comment increases, however, provides that “the fight against unemployment will not fade and will be pursued with determination.” And demand from the social partners to accelerate negotiations in the branches in favor of employment and inclusion of young people.

For the satisfecit ends. Despite this decline surprise earlier this year, the number of unemployed has exploded 587,700 since the election of François Hollande, including 193 400 in 2014 alone (total up from the one displayed last month, following intervened to review the whole series last year). Moreover, if we integrate the unemployed in reduced activity, registered in categories B and C, the number of unemployed increased further in January. And at a level almost symmetrical with that of the decline in category A: 16,100. Bringing to 5,232,000 the total number of registered in France on the three main categories of employment center

Other blackheads on which the right numbers for January provide no glimmer of hope. Seniors and long-term unemployed (referenced from more than one year employment center), the numbers of enrolled continue to rise. 0.1% over a month for the first and 0.7% for the latter, both having dropped only once since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. The share of long-term unemployed even reached at the end of last month, a new record at 43.3% of the total enrollment. As for their average length, it is still soaring 3 days to reach 542 days. Again, never seen in the history of employment center and its ancestor, the ANPE.

The situation becomes especially more apocalyptic for very long-term unemployed (registered for more than three years), the number of subscribers increased by a further 1.3% in January and 18.7% year on year, to almost 715 000. In their place, François Rebsamen reiterated that the plan against the long-term unemployment, presented on February 9 “will be implemented in the month of March.” A plan, broadly similar to those concocted in the past by his predecessors. Which is reflected mainly by an effort on the access of job seekers involved in skills training and “the lifting of barriers to job search that can provide access to housing or childcare


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