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Greece: Varoufakis declared war on the rich and tax evaders –

Greece: Varoufakis declared war on the rich and tax evaders –

Greece: Varoufakis declared war on the rich and tax evaders

Athens – Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis promised Saturday to be merciless to those who can pay, not excluding the introduction of a special tax to balance the budget.

We are committed to have budgets in balance. If I am forced to impose a special tax, I will do it but it will be for those who can pay (…), we will not ask for money to those who suffer, said the minister during a Talk to the Greek Skai television.

We are interested in those who have the money and never paid. They are our target and we will be ruthless, has he added.

We want to find a solution to pay those who have money, he insisted. The minister particularly desired that European partners help Greece with regard to their own companies (which escape taxation, note) and not just to give us lessons.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced Friday a first set of measures to fight against tax evasion and increase state revenues by encouraging taxpayers to pay part of their arrears.

The accumulated tax arrears Greek taxpayers is $ 76 billion and rising every month, because of the economic difficulties of households.

Mr. Varoufakis also raised the problem of bad loans, which weigh on banks’ budget. According to him, the solution would be to use the 11 billion contained in the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund and are intended to banks for the creation of a bank + + garbage that will absorb these claims (…) and allow banks to lend to businesses and solve the liquidity problem in the market.

After tough negotiations, Greece was able to obtain an extension of the European rescue plan, however, pledging to implement a series of measures to balance the budget, creating fiscal primary surpluses (excluding debt service) and honors vis-à-vis debt creditors, the EU and the IMF.

Speaking before the central committee of his party, the radical left Syriza, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reiterated Saturday that negotiations with the European partners were very hard, there was huge pressure and hard battle would continue quune .

The pressure on Greece had blackmailed character, it was a minefield, conservative forces (in Europe) tried to trap us to lead us to a budget asphyxia, a-t -he said.

All those who believe that we will be disappointed to flee, he said again reiterating that there will be no third plan to help the country at the end the extension of the program, as some media had reported

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