Thursday, February 19, 2015

Investors believe in Uber, who reports his last collection of … – The

Investors believe in Uber, who reports his last collection of … – The

Uber not as enemies. Far from it. So much so that investors are scrambling at the gate and fundraising are linked. A spokeswoman Uber said Wednesday, February 18 AFP have increased the amount of the final round to $ 2.8 billion following the request. This fundraiser is in addition to the 1.6 billion announced in late January by the asset management arm of Goldman Sachs.

Confidence in growth Uber

This high participation “ highlights investor confidence in the growth of Uber and priorities that are UberPool (the latest of their services to reduce the cost of the journey by combining several passengers in the same car) and further international expansion , “according to a statement sent by email

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In? detail, according to a source close to the case, the amount of $ 2.8 billion includes $ 1.2 billion of financing obtained in December with several investors, as well as taking a strategic stake in the Chinese internet group Baidu the same month for $ 600 million.

unchanged Valuation

The total value of the startup, originally the famous mobile application for controlling a car with driver through geolocated its -Uber smartphone cash commission of 20% on the price of the race- remains unchanged for its share to about $ 41 billion, according to the source close to the case.

Founded in 2009, Start-up is now present in 270 cities in 60 countries against 60 cities and 21 countries a year ago. Also his direction she argues that such a pace of growth requires major investments.

Complaints galore

Still, rapid expansion is not without arousing strong tensions with traditional taxis, but also passenger cars with driver (VTC), especially in Europe. Witness the recent arrests of UberPop drivers but also the ongoing trials

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Moreover, the announcement of additional billion collected during the last fundraiser comes amid a spokesman of the Interior Ministry announced the same day the verbalization of over a hundred wheelchair drivers for service “Pop” of the start-up in Paris from January 1, the date of entry into force of the Thévenoud law.

Let us recall here that for defense, Uber filed a complaint against France to the European Commission, arguing that Thévenoud law infringed Community law. Brussels, which is working on the issue, should decide in the coming weeks. Furthermore, the prosecution did call late December of the decision of the Paris Commercial Court UberPop leaving ride. The hearing scheduled for late February

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