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“When someone is not well, we are doing everything to help him” : the life after Goodyear – Franceinfo

“Working with Goodyear, it was an honor. With the former employees we form a great family”, says Eric Monvoisin to franceinfo. He made the tires of the tractor in the factory amiénoise. Two years after the final closure of the doors of the factory, the employees try to keep the solidarity : “We try to keep in touch by phone, on Facebook. When you know that someone is not well, psychologically or financially, we are doing everything to help her.”

The saga of Goodyear is not over. The memories of the conflict, after seven years of struggle to keep the plant open until January 2014, are still alive. The reason for the layoffs, still disputed. Eight of the 1 143 former employees pass in front of the court of appeal of Amiens on Wednesday 19 October. On 12 January, they had been sentenced to 9 months in prison for the confinement of frames. Franceinfo you explained what those who were calling the “Goodyears” are become.

Evelyne Becker, trade unionist, CGT, is formal : “Only a hundred people have found jobs in CDI.” figures are disputed by the prefecture of the Somme, which indicates that 135 people are permanent and 172 others have signed a CDD more than 6 months. And 94 have started their business, two-thirds of self-employed.

A large part of my family is unemployed,” notes Governed*, Picardy is a disaster zone.” The unemployment rate in Amiens, where was installed the plant, is 11.9 % for the second quarter of 2016. It is slightly more than the national average, which is 9.9 %.

The worker licensee is registered with Pôle emploi for the past six months. the I’ve done two missions agencies in the construction sector, but that is all. In the region, the industrial jobs are becoming increasingly scarce. Factories OUR and Bigard put the key under the door this year.

Who wants to hire a person of fifty years, ruined by years of hard work ?

Régis*, a former Goodyear

stories of people depressed because of unemployment, the former Goodyear have to shovel. "Since the liquidation, 12 people have died. Suicide mainly," says Mickael Wamen, a trade unionist CGT.

there is this worker model, who had never touched a bottle of his life, became an alcoholic. The one who refuses to leave his apartment, overwhelmed by the shame. Two people are already to make the channel”, is concerned Evelyne Becker. “For the moment everyone is still in the period of compensation, but the former employees are coming to the end of rights.”

In 2009, a thousand employees of the factory  Goodyear demonstrate in front of the premises of  the company against the proposed  closure. 
In 2009, a thousand employees of the factory Goodyear demonstrate in front of the premises of the company against the proposed closure. (PATRICK KOVARIK / AFP)

These severance benefits were negotiated by unions. They are included entre16 and 27 months of salary, according to Mickael Wamen. Positions in other group companies Goodyear have been offered to employees.

It was the wind. Only one or two persons have been reclassified from”, indignant Evelyne Becker : “most of The positions did not even exist. We asked a worker not qualified become part of top management.” For Michael, only employees in high positions, who have worked for the implementation of the social plan, were treated to a genuine new assignment. “I was offered a job in Romania, and another in Poland”, remembers with bitterness when Eric Monvoisin.

The latter found work a year ago. He currently works as a janitor and security officer. Change of course radical : “When I applied at Goodyear, it was specified that there should be at least 1 m 80 and 80 kilos to suit to the position, as long as it was physical.” At the same time as his dismissal, he had to handle his divorce, and he fell ill.

I have had big back problems because of the job, 18 years of efforts, it leaves traces. He had to operate on me.

Eric Monvoisin, ex-Goodyear

One of his former colleagues, has also returned to the active life. Stéphane Vilcot had 26 years of seniority at the counter : “One year after my dismissal, I spent an entire weekend sending out resumes everywhere in France. Two days after, I was offered a permanent contract.”

The catch ? He had to move to grenoble-Isère. “I’ll be back in Picardy as soon as I can. All of my family and my friends are there.” Become a truck driver, a former worker versatile preferred his daily life at the factory of tires : “I had a decent salary and good hours.”

Mickael Wamen, during his trial in February  2016. He was sentenced to 9 months in prison with  seven other colleagues. The reason for it ?  Sequestration of part. 
Mickael Wamen, during his trial in February 2016. He was sentenced to 9 months in prison with seven other colleagues. The reason for it ? Sequestration framework. (MICHAEL BUNEL / NURPHOTO)

Her face is displayed on all the screens of French television in 2014 : Mickael Wamen has been the figurehead of the fight against the closure of the factory. It is also part of the eight employees have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

“In January 2014, I had to announce to the employees that they had to leave the hotel, because we had just come to an agreement to end the conflict. It took me four months to get over it. I have benefited from psychological help”, he says. Despite this, he never gave up the fight.

This has sometimes served by : “My name is everywhere in the media. We can read things such as ‘Seven people, including Mickael Wamen, have been indictment’ in the local newspapers. It was explained to me that it was because my name was seller, except that it is hard for me to find work with it."

The problem is that the employers of the region do not want to hire Goodyear, it was too bad reputation”, indignant Evelyne Becker. “The president of the community of agglomeration has even said so publicly.”

Mickael Wamen, him, has decided to change the sector and region. It was started in August training a web designer. he hopes that his conviction will soon be a distant memory. “I thought I would have a fine or a call to order : the people that we had supposedly taken hostage had withdrawn their complaint. I had to call my children to tell them, it was hard.”

the day after The verdict, it puts an online petition – “the call of the Goodyear” and harvest 100 000 signatures in three days “I made a tour of France, met with a lot of support.” A the dawn of the appeal trial, he still want to fight, but in a different way.

“I have been very busy during these two years. But I think that the trial will be the last time we will meet as a Goodyear. It is a painful episode of our lives.”

another battle awaits 800 former employees of Goodyear, who have an action in progress in the prud’hommes. They deny the pattern of social dismissal. The hearing is scheduled before the end of the year.

*The name has been changed

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