Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Carlos Ghosn, the future boss of Mitsubishi Motors? –

The current CEO of Nissan and Renault will also become one of Mitsubishi Motors, according to the newspaper Nikkei, an information which has propelled the action of this motor-car manufacturer Wednesday, October 19 at the Tokyo stock Exchange. The title Mitsubishi Motors ended with a gain of 7.85% to 522 yen after reaching up to 536 yen (+10,74%) in the minutes following the publication of this information on the website of the newspaper Nikkei. Action Nissan, it has not benefited, it took only 0,52% to 1.004,5 yen.

The direction of Mitsubishi Motors hope that Mr. Ghosn to take the restructuring started after the entry of Nissan to the capital of the group up to 34% in the course of the month, writes the economic newspaper often very well-informed, without citing its sources. This appointment is expected to be approved in December by the shareholders and directors of Mitsubishi Motors, says the Nikkei.

Contacted by AFP, a spokesman for Mitsubishi Motors has not wanted to comment on in the immediate this information. If necessary, the arrival of Mr. Ghosn orders would not be a huge surprise, observers suspecting for weeks that in deciding to invest, the boss of Nissan would have one way or another the upper hand on the guidelines of Mitsubishi Motors.

This group is in full recovery phase after a scandal of make-up data on its vehicles, a nasty affair that could put the company in jeopardy if Nissan (purchases of mini vehicles in order to resell under its own brand) had not flown to his rescue.

taking one-third of the company under an agreement announced in may, Nissan intends to accompany a restructuring beneficial to both Mitsubishi Motors with technologies that may be useful to Nissan and the methods to be applied in the latter are expected to show effective also at Mitsubishi Motors.

Mitsubishi Motors in a difficult situation

The japanese investors who have an image instead of the positive way in which Mr Ghosn manages companies that he manages, renting a strategy deemed clear and a fierce desire to reduce costs to improve profitability.

The rise of the action reflects the hope that he will succeed at Mitsubishi Motors as at Nissan, a company he straightened so that she was cornered when Renault decided in 1999 to take partial control.

Mitsubishi Motors is now also in a difficult situation. The manufacturer had, on 20 April, admitted to data manipulation on the four models of mini-cars, including two built for Nissan. Mitsubishi Motors was then admitted to have used tests that are not licensed in Japan for the past 25 years on several other vehicles, where this investigation by the government.

The fact of this delicate test, the japanese manufacturer should acknowledge in the course of the fiscal year 2016-2017 its first financial loss in eight years.

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