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Samsung suspends the sale of the Galaxy Note 7, his stock plummets in the stock Exchange – The World

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The episode will be a date. There will be no doubt in the manual of crisis management, where he will show how even the biggest groups can get caught up in the turmoil. And maybe even in the history books of south koreans, as the crisis of the giant Seoul seems to be violent. On Tuesday, the title of Samsung’s Stock fell 7 %, or a loss of capitalization of 11.8 billion euros.

Everything had started out so well…

  • Tuesday, 2 August : the Galaxy Note 7 is presented in New York

Featuring a 5.7-inch screen, the new Samsung is clearly in the registry of ” phablets running “, these smartphones XXL. It is also a high-end device, marketed to 859 euros, with features such as the scanner of the iris.

He has come to compete with the Apple products – including the iPhone 7, the output of which is scheduled a few weeks later. For the manufacturer south Korean, it comes to solving an equation strategic : get out of the vise, where it lies between a competition very aggressive chinese manufacturers, on the low-end and mid-range, and its rivalry with Apple, which has made the top of the range its domain. The marketing of the Galaxy Note 7 has to start from August 19.

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By the end of this summer, all the lights are green for Samsung. Carried by the exit six months earlier, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the manufacturer has seen its global market share grow beyond 22 % in the segment of smartphones, according to two studies consistent (IDC and Strategy Analytics). The financial results are in keeping with net profit up 1.7 % in the second quarter. And the pre-orders of the new Note 7 soar beyond all expectations – to the point that the brand is forced to delay the release of the phone in some countries, due to lack of sufficient stocks.

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  • Friday, September 2 : Samsung reminds us of its Galaxy Note 7
At a press conference in Seoul, September 2,  Samsung announced a recall of Galaxy Note 7.

A month to the day after the presentation of his model, Samsung published a press release to announce the recall of the product. the ” We have received several reports of an explosion of the battery of the Note 7. We have confirmation that there is a problem, “ says the head of the mobile business of Samsung, Koh Dong-jin at a press conference in Seoul, the headquarters of the parent company.

at this date, thirty-five cases of incidents involving the battery of the phone, which, in some cases, took fire, have been reported. The magnitude of the rescue operation is a new one for Samsung, which has already sold 2.5 million devices on the market. The first estimates of the cost of the intervention are around one billion dollars.

  • Thursday, September 8 : the us authorities get involved

on September 8, The american federal Administration of aviation (FAA) – soon to be followed by many foreign counterparts – gives a warning on the Galaxy Note 7. In a press release, the FAA recommends that passengers of ” do not turn on or charge [this model of smartphone] to the edge, do not place it in baggage in the hold “.

The constructor, which is now at least as much for its long-term reputation than to its finances, it feels obliged to respond, ensuring that ” the safety and peace of mind [his] customers [his] priority and that the replacement of the defective equipment will begin as soon as next week.

But, the next day, it is the turn of the american Commission for the protection of consumers (CPSC) to call the owners a Note 7 to Samsung to turn it off and stop using it until its replacement. On Sunday, Samsung should resolve to make the same recommendation with consumers in south korea. The next day, the share of Samsung fall of 7 % on the stock Exchange of Seoul…

  • Saturday, 1st October : the new Note 7 is marketed in South Korea

One month after the beginning of the scandal, the south Korean manufacturer resumes sales in its home market, where, he says, 80 % customers have exchanged their phone. Problem : some users have proceeded to the exchange complain of overheating of the device during calls, or a loss of fast-charge batteries. Recognizing the existence of new complaints, a spokesperson for Samsung minimizes the following : it would only be ” few isolated cases “ of phones defective, quite usual at the launch of new products.

  • Wednesday, October 5 : plane evacuated because of a Note 7… replaced

as he prepares to fly out of Louisville (Ky) to Baltimore (Maryland), an airplane company Southwest Airlines must be evacuated while the phone of one of the passengers starts to emit smoke. It is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that its owner had yet to replace.

Samsung responded by saying : ” as long as we do not have the device in our hands, we cannot confirm that it is indeed a new Note 7, “, and this, even though the pictures released after the incident seem to be quite explicit. The CPSC decides to open an investigation. The case will not be isolated : there is nothing that the United States, four other incidents were reported. In two of them the owners claim to have been woken up in the middle of the night by the large clearance of the smoke of their phone after it had caught fire…

  • Tuesday, October 11 : the end of the production of the Note 7 ?

After he announced that he ” adjusted the volumes of production “ of Note 7, Monday 10, in response to rumors about the cessation of the manufacture of the phone, the south Korean manufacturer made a formal request to its global partners to stop the sale and exchange of their phone. The brand told its customers of” turn off and discontinue use “ ” phablet “. This decision should allow him to carry on a” thorough investigation “ : ” The safety of consumers is our highest priority “, provides a group.


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