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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 : timeline of a descent into the underworld – The Figaro

After several cases of spontaneous combustion, as Samsung has removed the Galaxy Note 7 to the market and stopped its production. Back on a fiasco.

Everything had started out so well. Supposed to shadow the iPhone 7, the Galaxy Note 7 is at the origin of one of the biggest flops of the sector of new technologies for a manufacturer of smartphones. Samsung is still not able to manage the technical issues of its latest phone, the origin of explosions and pop-ups. Ironically, Samsung was counting on this model to sustain its growth by the end of the year. The manufacturer announced on Tuesday the final judgment of the production. The balance sheet of such odd looks very heavy: Reuters estimates that its cost could be around $ 17 billion in lost sales for the Korean manufacturer.

Tuesday, 2 August, Samsung was already burying Apple

Samsung hoped to continue its momentum with its new model, the Galaxy Note 7. After two years in the hollow, the Korean manufacturer was able to boost its growth in the mobile with the Galaxy S7. By launching the Note 7 to the end of the month of August, he also hoped to shadow the iPhone 7, which was launched on 7 September.

Tuesday, August 16, the Galaxy Note 7) came at the meeting of the mortals

“The best Android phone ever designed,” according to a reporter from The Verge is marketed in a small number of countries, including India and China. The success worried about Samsung, which must be able to maintain the pace of production to deliver more than ten countries in time. Three days later, the phone is available for sale in South Korea and the United States. The pre-orders are launched in France is launched in marching band in pre-order in France.

Wednesday 24 August, the dice are thrown in for Samsung

The first pictures of phones that are damaged appear on Baidu, a leading chinese social networks, and that while the smartphone will released in China two days later.

one of The photos échangées on  Baidu, and taken up by the médias.

one of The photos shared on Baidu and picked up by the media.

As the will reveal the investigation of Samsung, a manufacturing defect is extremely rare to occur at the contact of the anode and the cathode of the battery, resulting in overheating that could result in the combustion of the smartphone.

Thursday, September 1st, where the officials of Samsung have a broken heart

The images of Note 7 charred multiply, to the point of force Samsung to react. The company acknowledges were 35 cases of explosions and announcement of new quality tests, and a thorough investigation of the risk of explosion of battery.

“the Comment of an official of Samsung about the cost of the recall to the Galaxy Note 7: so huge that “it breaks almost the heart,””.

Considering that less than 0.01% of devices in circulation, may be affected by a possible default, Samsung began to organize their recall and stops all scheduled deliveries. Some 2.5 million Note 7 have been sold in ten countries.

Tuesday, 6 September, an exchange program expensive

Samsung announces an exchange program for owners of a Galaxy Note 7, in place from 19 September 2016. The cost of this vast callback operation, followed by a control device, has not been encrypted. Credit Suisse has estimated that the cost of such an operation could have a negative impact of 1.34 billion on the operating result of the group.

Thursday, September 8th, the ostracisation of the Note 7 is recorded in the

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), responsible for regulating civil aviation in u.s., adds a setpoint for the transport of Footnote 7 infringing on its site:

“In light of recent events and concerns raised by Samsung regarding its products Galaxy Note 7, the FAA strongly encourages passengers not to turn on or load these products on your aircraft or transport them in luggage in the hold.”

The airline Qantas was not slow to ask its customers to follow these same instructions. The other companies followed.

Friday, September 9, the Note 7 does not leave more than ashes

The american commission for the protection of consumers, also encourages Americans to no longer use this phone until further notice.

A hotel room burned in Perth (Australia), the fire of a garage or a burning jeep in the United States are added to the list of more long-wrongdoing committed by the battery of Footnote 7.

“Not notified of the recall,” said the man, whose Jeep was kindled then was charged the #Footnote 7″.

Saturday, September 10, Samsung still hopes to put an end to the nightmare

Samsung has published a new press release, asking the owners of Galaxy Note 7 to turn off their device and not to put him in charge. Rumors spread about the potential extinction at a distance of Note 7 by the manufacturer, which multiplies in the same time the reminders on social networks.

The same day, Air France has also decided to ban the use, the load and the transport in the hold of your smartphone.

Monday, September 12, Samsung fall in the Stock market

The action Samsung plummets on the stock Exchange of Seoul, after the call, the phone giant to do more to use its Galaxy Note 7. The title Samsung loses 7%, and reached its lowest in two months. This is the largest loss over a session of the giant south Korean, of which 15.000 billion won of market capitalization has disappeared (approximately 12 billion euros).

The damaged reputation of the number 1 of the phone let t-it is now a boulevard to Apple? A lot of consumers welcome, in any case, the crisis management of Samsung, who organized the recall in two weeks and offers of replacement phones to users impacted.

Thursday, September 15 the first Galaxy Note 7 “new version” are announced

One million phones are recalled in a first time to a risk of explosion. They will be 2.5 million in all. In a press release, the group noted that the “new” Galaxy Note 7 will be available across the Atlantic “not later than the 21st September”. “The company has received approval of its exchange program”, full, Samsung.

Wednesday, October 5, a phone is a certified “safe” catches fire in an airplane in the United States

Wednesday 5 October, a Galaxy Note 7 lets out a “thick smoke gray and green” in an airplane at the departure of Louisville (in Kentucky, in the United States), even though it was turned off. The incident led to the immediate evacuation of the unit.

The phone complained of was a replacement model. Evidenced by a photo of the box supplied by the owner, Brian Green. On the figure a tag stamped with a black square, a logo of battery green but also the number EMEI, checked on the online tool Samsung.

The incident gives rise to many taunts online. The Galaxy Note 7 was a symbol. A version of the game Grand Theft Auto V proposes to make an explosive weapon.

Saturday 8 October, a video showing the explosion of a Galaxy Note 7 in a Burger King goes viral

The video reaches very quickly the million views. It shows a waitress of a Burger King fitted gloves to better recover a Galaxy Note 7 to be on fire.

Monday, 10 October, Samsung says “adjust” the production volumes of her phone

In reaction to an announcement of the agency Yonhap, declaring the suspension of production of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung declares “adjust” the production volumes of the smartphone. On Sunday 9 October, the telecommunications company u.s.-based AT&T had announced that it would replace most of the Galaxy Note 7, in waiting to carry out further investigations. The German T-Mobile had also announced that it would no longer trade, and that it does not offer more in the Note 7 to the sale.

Tuesday, 11 October, Samsung withdrew from the market, the Galaxy Note 7 and stops its production

The production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is stopped totally. For security reasons, Samsung’s request that each holder of a Galaxy Note 7 to turn off his phone, and back on again more. The action of Samsung collapses. It closed down 8% at the stock Exchange in Seoul on Tuesday. The shortfall is estimated at $ 17 billion in missed sales, reports Reuters.

To top it all, Samsung appears that October 11, before the Supreme Court in the United States, in the framework of a legal battle against Apple. The south Korean company has been ordered to be used for its products several patented features by Apple, including the famous rounded corners of the enclosures of its smartphones, as well as the pavement of the square icons that appear on the screens.


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