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Renault creates-does it really employment? The CGT puts into perspective the announcement of the group –

The stand of the manufacturer Renault at the Mondial de l’automobile in Paris on October 1, 2016 – NICOLAS MESSYASZ/SIPA

EMPLOYMENT The unions say including the too-large number of temporary workers and service providers working in the factories…

The 1,000 hiring additional permanent contract announced Tuesday by Renault are good news for the French industry. Yes, but, “the account is not there,” said the CGT-Renault on Wednesday, while the CFDT insisted on the “price” paid by the employees for the return of the competitiveness.

The car manufacturer has in fact announced on Tuesday these recruitments, which are in addition ” to 1.000 new hires in 2015 and the 1,000 recruitments announced in the month of February 2016 “, “3.000″, the number of hires on permanent contracts ” between 2015 and 2016 “.

An announcement effect ?

” The group is therefore considerably ” 760 recruitments recorded in the agreement of competitiveness was signed in 2013 with the three unions, stressed Renault in a press release.

” of course, the number of permanent positions are always welcome and who would complain ! “wrote the CGT, the second union at the automaker, in a press release,” but don’t be fooled by the effects of ” ads “because” the account is not there ! “

The CGT recalls that “almost 10,000 employees have left the company at the end of 2016 (9.847 depending on the direction), or far more than the 8.260 departures listed in the agreement,” 2013.

The announcement of these 1,000 hiring additional helps bring the net balance of job losses of 7,500 to ” 6.850 “, recognizes the union, but “about 9,000 temporary workers work in our factories and more than 3,600 providers are present in our engineering,” he observes, asking for more hires.

hiring permitted thanks to the efforts of employees

For the CFDT, which, like the CGT would have wished that the employees and trade unions are informed in advance, this “good news” is the “fruit” of the agreement of 2013 that she had signed with the CFE-CGC and FO, and ” the effort of employees.”

” What is not said Mr [Carlos] Ghosn [CEO of Renault-Nissan], it is what he has to to employees. It is at what price and on what terms this spectacular return of the competitiveness has been obtained, “writes the union, citing” high rates, too high number of temporary workers “.

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The CFDT recalls the “challenges” of the current negotiation of a new enterprise agreement : “to create jobs where they are sorely needed, make the necessary investments for the coming years and implement the necessary measures in terms of recognition of competences.

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