Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Inclusion of young people: the assisted contracts expensive and not very effective – The Parisian

LCourt of auditors is without appeal : the integration measures of young people are costly and not effective. The body responsible for the control of public accounts calls as well to reduce the wing, including assisted contracts, to focus on young people furthest from the employment. It recommends in particular the strengthening of the youth Guarantee, which offers to the most precarious allowance, and a cover reinforced and which has a rate of exits to employment 49.9%..

The sages of the rue Cambon have held that “the results for access to sustainable employment are not to the extent of the stated goals, nor the means used” and draw in particular red cannon balls on assisted contracts : the “most expensive”. According to them, a good rate of access to employment – 67% in the dealer, and 52% in the non-tradable for at least 28 years – resulted in “significant windfall effects” and “targeting ” insufficient” to the greatest difficulty. Another flaw: only 23% of former beneficiaries reported having attended the training provided in their contract.

against this backdrop, the sages recommend, therefore, to “redeploy gradually” credits of assisted contracts to the youth Guarantee, the devices of the second chance and the alternation of : devices, intensive and short, “more efficient in terms of access to employment for the long-term support implemented by Pôle emploi or the local missions”. It also recommends that “to reduce the duration of assisted contracts” and “refocus” on the young people most distant from employment, including the 750,000 who are neither in employment, nor in education, nor in education or training (NEET, 14.6% of 18-24-year-olds in 2013), as well as young people from priority neighbourhoods of urban policy, including the unemployment rate climbs to 45%.

Much of the criticism that the minister of Labour to be minimized : “We targeted assisted contracts in the direction of the persons the most remote of the job, responded Myriam El Khomri during a meeting with journalists of social information (Sjia). The minister has defended the contracts “that allow, beyond an insert, restore self-confidence”. As for the jobs of the future, flagship measure of the government in favour of youth, Myriam El Khomri cited a study by the Dares, the statistics service of his ministry, which will be published shortly and that “three out of four young received training” in the framework of their contract.

With a dozen of devices, the landscape of young people’s access to employment is a “system that is particularly complex” where the cost is “high and growing”, according to the Court of auditors, the body responsible for the control of public accounts. In 2015, the State, the communities and the operators have spent 10.5 billion to € 5.95 billion for the sandwich, $ 2 billion for the contracts helped 1.45 billion for the devices cover and $ 1 billion for back in the training of young job seekers.

But despite this, and within one year of the end of the quinquennium of Francois Hollande, who had to give the “priority to the youth, unemployment is still 23.7% of the young assets in metropolitan france, compared with 9.6% of the total of the active population.

another report, also published on Wednesday by the OECD, ranks France among the bad students in relation to youth unemployment, with, in proportion, twice the number of young people NEET (not in employment nor in education or training) in Germany and a situation that continues to worsen since 2013. The international organization calls for investing more in learning and follow-up of early school leavers.


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