Monday, October 10, 2016

Facebook launches a social network that is profitable for businesses – The Figaro

Tested for the past eighteen months, the professional version of Facebook is accessible Monday to all businesses.

Use Facebook all day long at work will not be necessarily frowned upon. The social network launched “Workplace by Facebook”, the platform of communication for businesses. This is a version that is completely separate, which could be deployed to allow employees to share and work on projects. Companies such as Club Med, Danone, Renault Retail Group, Teads, and Century 21 have already tested the tool in France. Since Monday, the account creation is open to all.

Workplace incorporates the main functions of the network mastered by 1.7 billion users around the world, namely, profiles, messaging, news feed, feedback, or thematic groups. The presentation and usability on the whole remain unchanged, on the Web as on mobile. To distinguish the two universes, the enterprise platform is presented in a gray appearance, in contrast to the blue traditional social network.

Facebook has developed new tools to use in the workplace. Among them, an automatic sorting of the messages according to the hierarchical importance of the author, an adaptation of Facebook Live for professional conferences visionnables by the network as a whole, or even a dashboard to the destination of the it teams, to ensure the smooth deployment of the platform.

Chantier by Facebook.

Workplace by Facebook.

“This tool replaces the newsletters, mailing lists, emails to internal or portals that are not normally functional on mobile,” says Julien Codorniou, head of Workplace by Facebook in the world. “Unlike the tools of the business classic, ‘Workplace by Facebook’ will evolve regularly, at a pace with the needs of our users.” The platform, which already permits sharing of minutes of meetings, Powerpoint, or links to Salesforce, will indeed have to integrate other services and features every week. She is now offering to its business customers to be able to communicate with their partners on the network. This system also allows us to create accounts for the employees of the group and its various subsidiaries.

The functionalityé Facebook Live, for  conférences business broadcast time  réel.

The feature Facebook Live, for your conferences business broadcast in real-time.

A network independent thought to mobile

With Workplace, Facebook is investing a market that is already well loaded, where you can find as well as giants like Microsoft, which has bought the professional social network Yammer, messaging, Skype and LinkedIn, as well as new entrants such as Slack, have been very popular among start-ups. The solution developed by Facebook which also seeks to bury the use of email boxes, by replacing the e-mail messages with simple private messages or posts on the various groups.

the Fruit of two years of work, the Workplace has been developed for London and is aimed at companies around the world, of all sizes. The beta version has been experienced by large groups and associations with diverse profiles. “India is our first market,” says Julien Codorniou. “France is in the top 5. More surprising is that Norway ranks in the top 3. The only continent that is not covered is the Antarctic.”

To ensure the seal between lives, professional and personal, Workplace by Facebook is completely independent of the network original. “The login credentials may be the same as those of Office, for example,” says Julien Codorniou. What is the purpose of the tool: give for the first time access to a tool of global communication to people who did not have email or PC.

“Danone is testing Workplace for a year, with 5000 employees. Its CEO has indicated to us power for the first time apply to the workers present in the plants, no e-mails, PCS and desktop,” explains the head of the project. “This helps bring up more ideas or suggestions from all the members of the company.” The group Big Ideas from Club Med, in which everyone can make a proposal in the interest of the company, has enabled the company to identify some talents, on the basis of the relevance of their ideas.

A Facebook paid-for professionals

Workplace marks a turning point interesting for Facebook. The service is paid for, and not funded through advertising. The rate is 3 dollars per active user per month of 3 to 1000 people, then $ 2 per active member from 1000 to 10,000, and a dollar beyond. “In 2016, we can no longer say to a company with 3 employees only 20.000 use a solution that they have to pay for 20,000,” explains Julien Codorniou. The public pages of businesses on Facebook will remain free of charge.

Facebook follows in the footsteps of Google, which is also developed in the paid offers to companies, with its office suite and its storage services. To strengthen its credibility, Facebook said to have relied on the confidentiality of the data, and the security of their dissemination. The company has complied with the new “privacy shield”, which governs exchanges of data between Europe and the United States, and Workplace benefits of all the certifications SaaS. “What we absolutely had to convince banks and governments.”


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