Sunday, October 2, 2016

Brexit: London will launch the procedure of divorce by the end of march – The Obs

Birmingham (United Kingdom) (AFP) – The First minister to conservative Theresa May announced that it would start by the end of the month of march, the procedure of divorce with the european Union, paving the way for an exit from the United Kingdom in early 2019.

Mrs May By turning in early next year article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Ms. May will kick off two years of discussions, particularly complex between the second largest economy in the european union and the 27 remaining members of the EU.

“This decision means that we have the time to develop our strategy for the negotiations and (develop) our goals,” she said in a speech before the congress of the conservatives in Birmingham (center of England).

Before adding that if she was given the time since his arrival at the head of the government on the 13th of July, should not let the “things that linger”.

The announcement is expected to give satisfaction to Brussels, who has not hidden his impatience to see London translate into actions the referendum of 23 June, while the EU is facing the worst crisis of its history.

The president of the european Council, Donald Tusk, was immediately hailed on Twitter as a “statement that provides clarity that is welcome on the start of discussions on the Brexit”.

stating his / her intentions, Ms. May will also to those who, in the ranks of his conservative party, called for a show of voluntarism.

During his speech, she assured that the transition would be “smooth”, and dismissed as a “false dichotomy” the cleavage between “Brexit hard” and “Brexit lite” who divides his party, but also its government.

- Concern of the business community -

She also reiterated that it wished to negotiate the “best possible agreement”, giving some hints on the strategy that she thinks to put in place, but without reaching a final decision on issues such as immigration control, claimed by the British, or the place of the Uk in the single market.

however, She warned that the Uk was not leaving the EU to “give up again the control of immigration”.

The uncertainty as to the direction the Brexit concern to the economic circles, what has not failed to remind the powerful british business lobbying organisation the CBI.

Mrs May, has responded to the CBI, has certainly answered a pressing issue in terms of its timing, but it also “highlighted the urgent need of answers on the other”.

Without a “plan” has been clearly identified, the ad has “no sense”, has blasted his side the labour opposition.

In the corridors of the conference centre ICC Birmingham, which is home to the congress of the tories, the words of the First minister, by contrast, delighted by the activists in search of references.

“It’s a good thing to have a certain level of certainty about the Brexit”, said to AFP Dan Tor, 25 years. “We voted for something (Brexit) and it’s going to happen. It is well”.

at the End of march, “it is the right time”, added Rachel Joyce, another activist, according to which the time limit will allow “to put themselves in order of battle” in order to negotiate with the EU.

The Brexit will be a success, wants to believe, in imagining, in 10 years, a United Kingdom prosperous, doing what he knew best: the free-exchange”.

- May exclude early elections -

Before getting to that point, the country will have to negotiate the release agreement with the EU, a daunting task with countless implications.

For the Financial Times, Theresa May has just experienced its “best weeks”, and those that wait may not be that worse, as much as the other members of the EU have no intention to grant him favors.

For the moment, it still has several strengths, including a popularity rating of comfortable. It also benefits from the setbacks of the Labour, the main opposition party, which became almost inaudible at the force of infighting.

the Only masters on board the boat United Kingdom, the tories might be tempted to push their advantage by rushing the parliamentary elections to be held in 2020. But Theresa May has ruled out this hypothesis Sunday, in order not to create”instability”, in an interview with the newspaper the Sunday Times.

She also announces that she will introduce legislation in the spring of 2017 to revoke the Act of accession to the EU in 1972.

“This will mark the first step to make the United Kingdom a sovereign country and independent again,” says Ms. May, who will make the speech closing the congress on Wednesday.


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