Friday, October 14, 2016

You dreamt of, the pension plans have done ! – The Express

We cannot say that it is complicated, get information on retirement… site can now access all of our file, also known as the “personal account pension” : A “small revolution” in the eyes of the minister of social Affairs, Marisol Touraine, which was presented to the tool by its designers, Thursday, at the occasion of a travel in a pension fund in the suburbs of paris.

When you go on this site, you can simply create your account – the process will take a few seconds. Two cases are presented. If you are under 45 years of age, you can take a knowledge of your plans, but especially to upload your statement of career, on which appear the whole of the pension rights that you have acquired from the various schemes of the quarters, periods, wages withheld, etc

estimates for the 45-and-more

If you are at least 45 years, in addition, you have access to estimates of your pension, presented in the form of a table, according to the several ages of departure (an estimate per year between 62 and 67 years of age, that is to say, between the legal retirement age and the age of the full rate automatic). You can adapt this estimate to your projects by choosing between five assumptions of the end of their career.

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The personal account pension is also available to people who are already retired. By creating an account, they can consult the schedule of payment of their pensions. In 2017, it is expected that they can, in addition, find here the history of the payments. is the site of the Union Retreat, an organization that brings together 35 basic schemes and mandatory supplementary to the French system. The “personal account pension”, provided for in the reform of 2013-2014, is the fruit of a cooperation between different regimes. It is accessible on computer, smartphone and tablet. And telephone support is available for those who experience technical difficulties with the portal (09 77 40 50 30, Monday to Friday from 8h to 17h).

Soon the Rolls Royce of simulators ?

But this is not all. This site must be enriched in the months and years to come. First, in January or February 2017, a new simulator of pensions must be put in line. The official tool currently proposed, called Marel, is actually unsatisfactory.

The new tool, accessible to all ages, will simulate your pension based of your rights already acquired (you do not need to fill out, since the simulator will have access to your folder) and take account of all your plans.

another revolution is scheduled for January 2019 : the long-awaited “single application for a pension” in line. It will then be possible to ask all of its pensions, basic as complementary, in a one-step process 100 % paperless, through this personal account pension.

Note that the site also brings together a wealth of information on pensions and its method of calculation and offers an interesting tool called “translator” retirement ” – a kind of Google Translate which helps to understand the main terms of the jargon of retirement.

As if the retirement information has been unified, it is still far from a unification of the rules of calculation of pensions between the different schemes and you will always have you pulling your hair out to understand how it all works. But it is there “another debate”, stressed on Thursday Marisol Tourraine.

A : If you have, for the first time under the eyes a transcript of your career, this is the time to verify that the information provided are correct and that no period has been missed. If you find an error, contact your plan to request corrections. Attention, some information does not appear for the time almost never – number of children you have, your military service, your quarters abroad – do not astonish you.


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