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The supplementary pensions still frozen in 2016 –

The generation born in 1974 will increase 27% to 30% of his life in retirement. – J. Saget / AFP

PENSIONS The purchase price of pension points is going to increase in 2017, which will decrease the performance of the plans for the future retiree…

No increase in November. Pensions supplementary pensions of the employees and executives of the private will remain frozen for the third consecutive year in 2016, because of the low level of inflation, on Friday announced plans Agirc and Arrco.

The social partners, the managers of these two regimes, gathered in the board of directors on Thursday and Friday, have “arrested the parameters used in the calculation of pensions and contributions,” said a press release. “Given the weakness of inflation,” supplementary pensions, including the date of revaluation has been shifted from 1 April to 1 November, ” will be kept at the same level of last year “, he explained.


At the end of tough negotiations to replenish the coffers of the plans, the employers and the trade unions had decided last year to shift the date of revaluation of pensions and renew their slightest increase.

According to the agreement of October 2015, the pensions should be uprated to a point below inflation for three years, a provision that the pension may not decrease if inflation is zero.

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This measure has already been applied in 2013, 2014 and 2015, under an agreement of 2013.

” the assumption of The inflation forecast published by the Insee, being very close to zero for the year 2016, the value of the points Agirc and Arrco (which determine the amount of the pension) remains unchanged “. Therefore, the pensions would not be increased.

The purchase price of pension points up

Another consequence of the last agreement, the purchase price of pension points is going to increase in 2017, which will decrease the performance of the plans for future retirees.

The agreement of 2015, signed by the employers (Medef, CGPME, UPA) and three trade unions (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC), must achieve 6.1 billion euros in savings by 2020 to replenish the funds of the Agirc-Arrco, the heavily loss-making.

Among its main measures include the merger of the two plans and the implementation, from January 2019, a system of bonus-malus on pensions to encourage employees to work longer.

In 2014, the Arrco had approximately 18 million subscribers to 12 million pensioners. The Agirc had, it, 4 million subscribers to almost 3 million pensioners.

The basic retirement pensions have not been uprated in October due to the low inflation. They have stagnated since 2013.

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