Monday, October 10, 2016

TERRORISM in Germany: the Syrian suspected of preparing a terrorist attack arrested – DNA – Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace

The syrian refugee man wanted in Germany for the past two days has been arrested, announced Monday morning by the German police.

The police announced that the arrest of Jader Albakr, 22 years old, was held in Leipzig, in the night of Sunday to Monday. The young man is suspected of being linked to Daech. The police think it was on the verge of committing a terrorist attack.

Hosted by a fellow syrian who has alerted the police

According to the German newspaper Der Spiegel (in German), Albakr was arrested in an apartment in Leipzig shortly after midnight. The dwelling was occupied by another syrian national, he was approached at the train station, and from whom he asked for help. It is he who would have alerted the police.

Arrived in February 2015 in Germany, Albakr had obtained the status of refugee, there are more than a year. He was under surveillance by the domestic intelligence German due to its supposed links with the organization islamic State.

The German police “missed” Jader Albakr Saturday morning. Alerted by the intelligence inside of a passage to the act is imminent, the police had intervened at the home of the Syrian, in Chemnitz. He had managed to escape, and this has given rise to an extensive man-hunt throughout the weekend.

The man could have wanted to aim at train stations or the airport of Berlin.

TATP and detonators

one of his accomplices, also of syrian nationality, was arrested Saturday, charged and placed in detention. It proved to be the tenant of the apartment of Chemnitz, where a large quantity of explosives had been found.

It would be TATP, the explosive used in the attacks in Brussels in march, but also to make the suicide vests of the terrorists in Paris. According to the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (in German), utensils and detonators were also found in the apartment of Chemnitz.


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