Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ségolène Royal announces a million electrical terminals of the next three years – The World

The minister of the environment Ségolène  Royal at the wheel of the electric car Twizy 45  Renault, on October 1 at world car.

In retail, the minister envisages the implementation of :

  • 900 000 charge points in homes thanks to the tax credit energy transition that allows the financing of 30 % of the cost of these terminals
  • 100 000 charging points in public (against 14 242 currently)

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Ms Royal has also announced a bonus of 1 000 euros for two-wheeled electric and reminded us of the extension, in the project of finance law for 2017, the ” superbonus “ of 10 000 euros for the purchase of an electric car against the scrapping of a diesel over ten years.

” The electric car, hydrogen car, it must now be a priority, the manufacturers have to lower prices and expand their range “, has égamement defended the minister of the environment, believing that the scandal of the diesel at Volkswagen could be ” a boost for the electric car “.

If Ms. Royal noted that more than 100 000 electric vehicles were circulating in France today, even if the proportion remains low in a fleet of more than 38 million units. Since the beginning of the year 2016, a little more than 1% of new cars registered in france have to do with electricity.

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