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Monday, Smart exchange salary system – the New Republic

39 hours per week paid 37, for two years. The car manufacturer locks the speed of social dumping. As A preventive measure.

Two hours of work assigned to the employer by the freezing of the layoffs until 2020. This is the argument, and the bottom of the social pact signed in September 2015 by the employees of the automobile factory Smart Hambach in the Moselle. It is entered in the official application Saturday, against the constant of the majority unions (CGT and CFDT).

to be A divide between managers and workers

The contract, discussed it at length internally between in the public debate last fall. His supporters want to read a modernization of late but the promising social relations in the undertaking, a bit on the German model, everywhere, relied on. His detractors, and in particular the trade unions, decry a regression orchestrated by the employers under the threat of economic blackmail.

initially Approved by 56 % of the 800 employees of this unit lorraine subsidiary of the group Daimler-Benz, the device introduces a return to the thirty-nine hours of work weekly, for a wage calculated on thirty-seven hours, two years. The return to the thirty-seven hours is envisaged in 2019, before a reduction to a 35 hour week the following year (2020). Two premiums compensatory (150 € gross monthly plus an annual bonus of € 1,000) are added for good measure.

In addition, hiring temporary 50 CDD wants to ease the effort of the organisation of working time.

In spite of a result a fairly clear ruling, the poll conducted in September 2015, reveals a divide within the salaried. The 385 managers and employees, in favor of this bailout at 74 % as opposed to the 367 operators that are only 39 % approve.

Backed by this observation, the CGT and the CFDT (representing 53 % of employees) wield their veto. To neutralize this opposition, in the direction approach each employee, offering him a rider to individual contract. Three months later, in December, 95 % of the 800 people mobilized on the site in the lorraine have signed. Trade unions deplore the fact as soon as this result, obtained ” under pressure from the executive “.

In detail, the measures to be applied administratively from the 1st October will only be effective Monday. They concern first of all the college worker. The specific provisions for employees and executives and who focus on a reduction of the days of RTT will not be initiated at the beginning of 2017. It is the CFDT, usually presented as a reformist who held the outposts of the fight. The CGT, initially in favour of the referendum, joined her trying to regain control.

The CFDT submits in particular that the effort is directly imposed on “Smart” would have consequences split on the 1,200 employees of subcontractors of the manufacturer the production is lean. And in these SMES, with no consultation of the staff is the order of the day.

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simple caution

Smart, unlike Renault in 2013 or PSA more recently there had not, in the past year, unusual difficulties. Supported by the powerful Daimler ag the small brand positioned on vehicles ultracitadins was even rather well in its niche. The management invokes ” a general approach taken by the group in the interests of competitiveness and as a prevention in the face of reversals possible in the automobile market “.


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