Sunday, October 2, 2016

Manuel Valls excludes from tax the high salaries and promises to save the site?Belfort – Boursorama

Manuel Valls, on the 1st of October.

Manuel Valls, on the 1st of October.

Guest of the show ” Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro “, on Sunday 2 October, the prime minister, Manuel Valls, has “excluded” from déplafonner the unemployment contribution of the high wage in the context of the fight against the deficits of the unemployment insurance scheme. “There are tracks that I excluded, such as the taxation of higher salaries. I excluded to you, ” said the head of government.

Manuel Valls recalled that the negotiations on unemployment insurance, who have failed in June, are ” the responsibility of the social partners “, and was of the view that ” a negotiated solution is always better than a unilateral decision imposed “.

” I therefore call upon the responsibility of the social partners, but of course, if they do not agree, the government will have to resume the hand “, he added. Whereas the minister of labour, Myriam El Khomri, receives from the beginning of September the trade unions and employer organisations, Manuel Valls said consider together himself, with the minister, ” the social partners “. He expressed the wish that the negotiations would be completed ” before the end of the year.”

A source close to the matter had said on Thursday that the ministry of labour was considering déplafonner the unemployment contribution of high wages and taxing the short-term, to fill the deficit of the unemployment insurance or to fund an extension of the plan 500 000 training in 2017.

” We will rescue Alstom’s site in Belfort ” when Asked about the …

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