Tuesday, October 11, 2016

For Samsung, this is over the Galaxy Note 7 – The Digital

11/10/2016 17:40

In a very succinct update of the situation of the Galaxy Note 7 to our fellow north americans of’Engadget, Samsung announced that it had stopped for good the production of the smartphone, putting an end to his short career and chaotic. This follows the announcement, at the beginning of the day (below), the discontinuation of sales around the world. The situation had become untenable for the firm, and the name of the Galaxy Note 7 far too tainted for a hypothetical return.

While the giant south Korean company announced yesterday the reorganization of the production of its Galaxy Note 7 to investigate more effectively on possible new design flaw, it announced today to suspend sales to all of its partners and urges customers who have the device in hand not to use it at all. Samsung probably has this time made the choice to kill the Galaxy Note 7.
Are we witnessing the end of the slow agony of the Galaxy Note 7 ? Without a doubt. With this second alarm signal official from Samsung — after the 2 last September that stopped the first time the sale of the Note 7, the death knell seems to have sounded for this terminal, which will incarnate all the evils and anxieties of the high-tech in recent weeks. In a press release published on several of its official websites, the manufacturer announced that it had asked its distribution partners (operators included) to stop the sale of Galaxy Note 7, but also the campaign for the replacement of the original with a new unit.

In its press release, Samsung also requests that current users of the Note 7 — whether it is original or derived, of the new series announced without danger — of to immediately turn off their mobile, and even turn to an alternative solution. The firm therefore advises, in essence, to its customers Note 7 to turn from the terminal and go exchange it for a different model of smartphone (Samsung or competitor, such as the already offer operators north american). A decision taken because “the safety of our customers remains our number one priority,” says Samsung in its press release. After such an announcement, and what it is going to lead to, a return of the Galaxy Note 7 appears highly unlikely. Any chance Samsung would it be to restore the reputation of this generation of the Note after all this ? Persist to come back in the end of the year with a Rating of 7 would probably be a hard ill-advised. But who knows ? The company could instead focus on its Galaxy S7 and S7 the edge — with a price reduction to boost its sales ? —, who carry high the colours top of the range Samsung and consolidate its brand image rather than prolong. The next few days will give us a clear indication of the trajectory envisaged by the manufacturer.

Shortly after its official announcement, the first ripples are being felt at Samsung, with a fall of 7.5% and a loss of funding of nearly € 12 billion. The bleeding is probably not finished, the way of the cross no more, because this new kick-off official will be monitoring further explanations on the how and why of the firm is arrived there. The implementation of a new recall campaign, the likely impairment of his image, a Google Pixel, which will no doubt fall to peak on the top of the range, including the United States, where the proportion of Note 7 in the nature is strong… many challenges ahead of Samsung in the coming days and weeks and, as we mentioned yesterday in our advice to the firm, South-Korean, the largest of them all will probably be the next Galaxy S8, to come in the first quarter of 2017, because it will crystallize all the more the fears and hopes of both the company and its customers.


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