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An advisor at the RSI says: “I saw people defeated, destroyed” – The Express

Say that you have to work with the IHR does not necessarily have good press. Bernard* in knows something. Regularly, the self-employed to denounce the failures and aberrations of the social system to which they are affiliated. In 2014 and 2015, several events hostile to the IHR have been held in the country. Testimonials from independent, artisans, or merchants shouted their ras-le-bol to their social system are regularly in the press-local or national.

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Bernard remembers moments black. “There has been some very big bugs, it is obvious”, admits the one who is in position in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais since 2006, the date of the merger of the health insurance of non-salaried occupations, non-agricultural with insurance elderly years and disability-death of artisans and merchants. “The reform, which occurred ten years ago has caused a real dysfunction. The articulation with the Urssaf has not worked well. Some folders have commuted constant between the two structures, with the passage of the errors and computer problems.”

“I’ve seen people defeated, destroyed,”

“Of the insured are sometimes seen to claim a lot of money several years later, without always understanding why. Some thought at the beginning of their activity they had nothing to pay, and then they were caught up by the rear that they had not been able to anticipate. And there are sometimes thousands of euros. Result: I’ve seen that happen in my office, defeated, destroyed,” he says.

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This former specialist of the insurance and old-age also believes that the system is very critical for the calculation of contributions was in question. “With calls regarding the income of the year N-2, that is to say, two years ago, the self-employed have had bad surprises. Some came to see me to explain to me that their business has fallen considerably since, this level of contributions was much too heavy for them and that they lacked information.”

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Since then, the IHR has revised its method of calculation and tries to simplify things for the 6.2 million affiliates for which it is responsible. “Now, the non-salaried workers or their accountants have access to all documents, bases of contributions, to our schedule, and they can even attempt to modulate the contributions in the line, defends Bernard. There is a real effort of transparency” tip-t-it, stating that its role of adviser proximity remains crucial.

The insured may also request deadline settlement or even enter a Committee of Health and Social (CASS), which can provide financial aid at the time. As many of the measures put in place to appease the reports, heated discussions with the insured, who denounced too often the visits of bailiffs.

the difficulty of being independent

40% of the cases handled by the RSI of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region relate to auto-entrepreneurs (known today as micro-entrepreneurs). “The steps are simple and appeal to many, says the adviser. Their number has exploded with this new simplified scheme. Each quarter, the auto-entrepreneur declares its revenues and pays its expenses by function in the stride. It is extremely easy.”

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“In the antenna where I am, we treat thirty cases a day, explains the adviser. Since their debut, we are trying to inform entrepreneurs on the functioning of the IHR. We are going even in the courses of management offered in the chambers of commerce (BCC) to explain to those who will create their business, how it works and how to prepare them.”

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I notice pretty quickly those who pick immediately and those for which it may be more complicated, because it is not said enough that running a business comes down to making several trades at the same time : it is necessary to know how to manage, manage the business, do administrative work, accounting”, is concerned that Bernard used to hear all the difficulties the self-employed. “Some do not populate enough before you start and fall from very high, it is also up to me to explain things and demonstrate pedagogy. In general, it is going pretty well.”

“The IHR is not responsible for all the difficulties,”

The other critical, often addressed to the RSI, that is a too high taxation, a “hype”, as the often refer to the self-employed. For the advisor, it is necessary to relativize this vision. When they were employees, the people had in mind that the contributions that they pay, but they forgot those paid assumed by their employer because they were not affected. Now, they are both the employer and the employee, and must, therefore, pay these two types of assessment”, explains the advisor.

“I think that organizations such as Save our companies surf the discontent that originated years ago but is no longer necessarily valid. And then, there were many conflicts in court with those who, in the image of the Released Security wanted to leave the Safely while it is illegal, takes Bernard. In his eyes, the status of the sole interlocutor of the RSI has not helped you to be popular. “The crisis has created terrible situations, the true difficulties, but it was the figure of a target, it is obvious. Of course, there has been a malfunction and it has not helped. But the RSI is not responsible for all the difficulties the self-employed.”

Threats and political spectrum of the merger

Especially as the shootings came from all sides, including the board policy. Bernard listens with one ear more than suspicious, the debates around the RSI. “Right, the one who had the idea of this merger at a brisk pace, constantly hitting us and advocate our demise, takes Bernard. However, this would be a great mistake. And if they were then affixed to the general scheme, the self-employed would have everything to lose, because they would see their premiums explode. The last parliamentary report on the issue as demonstrated with precision.”

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Bernard fears as the merger of the regional banks, the inevitable result of the territorial reform. By December 31, 2018, the funds of the different regions are going to have to get closer. Of 30 boxes, it will still be more than ten in metropolitan France. “We’ll need to create the RSI, Hauts-de-France, bringing us closer to our colleagues in Picardy. I am afraid that this new organization would entail a loss of proximity with the insured, then that is what we strive to do for the past several months. We are trying really to improve the relationship with the self-employed to try to erase this bad image, which we glue to the skin.” A daily work and far from being won…

* The name has been changed


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