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Alstom : the tracks of the government to maintain activity at Belfort – The World

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The site of Alstom Belfort will retain its activity after 2018. Manuel Valls, the prime minister, assured on Sunday 2 October at the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro : ” on Tuesday, we will save Alstom’s site in Belfort “, has he hammered.

After two weeks of intense discussions with the management of Alstom, the government and the company are now ready to present an alternative plan to stop production on the site belfortain and its transfer to Reichshoffen, Alsace, france.

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on Tuesday, after a meeting with local elected officials, Christophe Sirugue, the secretary of State for industry, and Henri Poupart Lafarge, the CEO of the railway builder, must meet in Belfort unions in the group. These last were guests Friday evening by e-mail. The same day, the trade union organizations of Alstom received an e-mail announcing the cancellation of the forum of the european trade union group also plans on 4 October. This instance was to initiate the transfer process by 2018 of 400 people from Belfort to the site in alsace. This would have signed the judgment of one hundred and thirty-seven years of manufacturing railway in the city of the Lion.

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During the working meeting, Tuesday, between the secretary of State and the CEO of Alstom, the inter Alstom Belfort (CGT, CFDT, CFE-CGC, FO) has, on its side, called the 480 employees of the site to strike and protest. It is ” to show that the employees of Alstom are there, and that it is not necessary to do anything with them “, ” said Daniel Dreger of the CGT, providing that the quasi-totality of employees, ” return to block “, will be joining the event.

Everything is now in place for the commitment of the president of the Republic, François Hollande, a continuation of the industrial activity in the historical factory of Alstom to be respected. Of the 480 employees installed on the site should be working on beyond 2018, after the delivery of the latest freight locomotives and motor TRAIN, which will run on the new line between the paris region and the region of Aquitaine.

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Multiple tracks command public

While Alstom refuses any communication since the beginning of the crisis, the September 7, Manuel Valls recalled the lines of ” concrete “ of the government ” save “, Alstom (France) : the public order, investments of Alstom, the TGV of the future and of the bus of the future.

” It is part of a comprehensive plan is being co-developed between the government and Alstom, says a good connoisseur of the folder. the It gives clues and a vision of the future for all sites in France. This is not the big night for the company, but distance is singularly the initial situation which provided for the cessation of production in Belfort. “

In retail, the government has already discussed these past few weeks, several tracks of public orders : purchase by the SNCF TGV trains to ensure that the Paris-Turin-Milan from 2021 onwards, the purchase of 30 trains for the trains balance of the territory (TET), ex-City), also waiting for the outcome of several tenders in progress (locomotive works for the RATP, new TET was purchased by the State, 250 RER of a new generation for the Ile-de-France).

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If these proposals allow remplumer the order book national of Alstom and of its sites in the hexagonal, it is not enough to get out of the rut Belfort and La Rochelle, which assemble high-speed train. To respond more specifically to the future of these two sites, the government would initiate a new order of 16 high-speed trains.

16 TGV to 30 million piece

what give the charge for nearly two years the two factories. The time required between 2018 and 2020 to keep afloat, before the launch of the production of the new generation of the TGV trains now in development with the SNCF. This new TGV is expected from 2021 on the production lines.

Who would use these TGV and to what lines ? the ” is the question “, question several close to the negotiations. Since the last order of 40 trains of the SNCF, in 2013, the national company has not ceased to repeat that she did not need it. The only possibility would be if the State buys, as the organising authority lines-City, these new trains. It could then be operated either by SNCF or by another operator after the opening of the sector to the competition scheduled for the early 2020s.

However, to 30 million euros a piece, the cheque would be nearly € 500 million in a budgetary context and tense. the ” It would be foremost to launch the negotiations on this command, this does not mean that it will be signed as early as Tuesday… “, provides a good observer. Bercy, Alstom and the SNCF did not wish to comment on this project.

road Vehicles, and electric railway

In addition to these orders, the government requested that Alstom gives a perspective of the future at the site of Belfort. After the cessation of production of freight locomotives, expected after 2018, and announced on 27 September by Henri Poupart-Lafarge during his hearing at the national Assembly, to 70 million euros could be invested to make the site a centre for rail maintenance.

As Manuel Valls mentioned on Sunday, Alstom could also install a new activity that is currently in gestation in the group : the production of road vehicles (and rail) electric. It would, in particular, the electric bus of the future. Here, again, Alstom and Bercy remain discreet on this matter. However, the company is expected to announce an investment plan to support this new activity in Belfort. Similarly, local elected officials, who have said to be ready to mobilize in favor of Alstom, could be involved in the installation of this activity.

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