Monday, October 3, 2016

Alstom: the State will commission 16 TGV lines at low speed – The Figaro

The State will spend almost € 500 million for online ordering 16 TGV for lines City. They drive at 200 km/h instead of 320 km/h, speed business-as-usual.

The State is preparing to put itself on the hand in the pocket to save the factory of Alstom in Belfort. The World reveals in its edition dated Tuesday that an order of 16 TGV in the amount of 500 million euros is currently being studied to keep the site afloat.

According to our information, this command will be passed directly by the State and not by the intermediary of the SNCF, as is the usual case. It focuses on 15-to 16-TGV – assembled in La Rochelle – each consisting of two motor manufactured in Belfort.

More surprising, “these trains of TGV will be for power lines-City and not the high-speed lines managed by the SNCF,” says the Figaro a source close to the folder. In fact, the State is the organizing authority of the activity City, these trains running at 250 km/h while the TGV ride up to 320 km/h, their commercial speed. The SNCF operates the lines City in the framework of a convention signed with the State.

work for Belfort and La Rochelle

A construction site has been opened in recent months by the government to restructure the activity-City heavily in deficit and the losses of which will reach eur 400 million in 2016. The State has pledged to renew it completely by 2025 the park of trains, Coral end-of-life.

A first installment of trains ordered from Alstom is the course of delivery. A second 30 reams purchased direct at the company was in negotiation. It could be replaced by these 16 TGV, the delivery of which could start in 2021. These trains should feed the line Bordeaux-Toulouse-Montpellier-Marseille-Nice, in a first time.

The TGV, manufactured by Alstom, should be put in service at the time when the State will call for tenders open to competition, the operation of lines City.


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