Tuesday, September 27, 2016

With PayPal, the money transfer between relatives becomes free – Le Figaro

The giant of payments, which has 7.1 million active customers in france, wishes to increase the frequency of their use. PayPal wants to go from twice a month on average twice a week.

PayPal is aiming to become indispensable in the daily life of the French. To achieve this, the champion of the online payment makes it free of its historical services, the transfer of money between individuals. “We can now send free money to a loved one, regardless of the credit card used or the amount, in France and in all Europe,” says Damien Perillat, general manager of PayPal France.

The money transfer can be done via the PayPal website or directly on its application, changed in the beginning of the year, by entering the mobile number or email address of the recipient. The latter is notified by sms or by email when he receives the money. He has the choice between crediting the PayPal account or directly to his bank account. A service which gave rise so far to a commission of 3.4 % and to 25 cents of fixed costs. The free admission applies only to personal transactions between friends or members of the same family, and non-commercial use (with purchase). If parents can send money to their child’s party in Erasmus, individuals doing business on Leboncoin will not be able to have cost free PayPal. The seller must pay a commission, and the buyer will be covered by the warranty PayPal.

The company, which this year broke the mark of 7 million active users in France, hopes to ease the lives of its users. “The money must be exchanged in two clicks, and not in two days, without it being necessary to égrainer the 23 digits of his RIB,” says Damien Perillat, who is betting on a “halo effect”.

PayPal has no vocation to become a bank, promises his boss. However, with this new playground, the operator is walking on their strips. He is hoping to win new customers and increase the frequency of use of the current. To the controls since the end of 2014, her boss, Dan Schulman, does not hide his ambition: he wants to go from twice a month to… two times per week. The Hexagon – which is the only market where this service is now free – was one of his priorities. “We are convinced that France is at a moment of inflection on mobile payments,” continues the general manager of PayPal.

In a market of e-commerce in the two-digit growth (65 billion euros of sales in 2015), payments on mobile now represent 27 % of the transactions. 45 million people now own a smartphone. “We are in the best position to capture these opportunities related to online payment,” says Damien Perillat.

a Number of start-up, the image of Flooz.me, hear well get a place on this segment of the money transfer between individuals without charge. PayPal update on its critical size in France and in Europe (65 million active users) to make a difference.

The group, which gained its independence a year ago, wants to continue to accelerate in a booming market. “We have been for years a brand of eBay, which has allowed us to move from the status of californian start-up to giant payments,” says Damien Perillat. Our independence allows us to go to the end of our mission, which is to democratize the way people pay”. PayPal has thus increased the number of partnerships in recent months, with telecoms operators (Vodafone…) as with groups such as Visa and Mastercard.


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