Monday, September 26, 2016

Unemployment has exploded in August, Le Figaro

The number of jobseekers registered in category A to the Pôle emploi has exploded in the month of August last year, showing an increase of 50.200 in metropolis about a month. DOM included, the increase is even higher, with no less than 52.400 new listings in the last month. A level not seen since September 2013 with its 53.800 new registered unemployed, consecutive month in the “bug SFR” who had trained in August, an abnormal decrease of 50,000 enrolled in A (corrected then -32.700).
Combined with variations in the categories B and C, that identify job applicants who have done a little job in the month in question, the increase even exceeds the 80,000 a month. And it is necessary, here, to go back to the month of April 2009 to find an increase as significant in categories A, B and C.
This counter-performance back 27,000 reflux in the number of unemployed registered in the single category, since the beginning of the year, and to about 16,500 this past year in the whole of France. According to the latest tally, there are now a little more than 3.8 million job seekers registered in category A to employment centre in the whole of France, about 5.8 million Was including the activities reduced and 6.6 million for all categories.

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