Thursday, September 29, 2016

The duration of validity of cheques restored to a year –

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PAYMENT method The national Assembly was, however, reduced to six months in June…

Change of program. Against the advice of the government, deputies have recovered on Wednesday evening the validity period of a cheque to 12 months, while the draft law Fir II, discussed in a new reading, plans to reduce and six months from July 2017.

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” The use of the cheque still is, massive “

The deputies have adopted an amendment of Jean-Luc Laurent, which aims to ensure a validity period of 12 months for the cheques and order to the government a report on ” the future of the fiat currency “. “The dematerialization of the means of payment is a subject that is fundamental and serious that can not be the subject of mesurettes cloaked in projects of law successive,” said the mp MRC du Val-de-Marne.

” The use of the cheque still is, massive. This method of payment remains in the hands of people who do not have access to the means of digital payment, or have some suspicion in regard to them “, he pleaded.

Complicated for the elderly and the owners of the guest rooms

Jean-Luc Laurent received the support of members on all benches who have held, as the communist André Chassaigne, that this reduction to six months, “upsets some habits” in the elderly or, as the ecologist Brigitte Allain that this would make the life of owners of rooms of hosts that receive cheques for booking.

By this reduction to six months, the ministry of Finance wanted to encourage ” the use of alternative payment methods to cheques, fast, secure, and accessible (cards, transfers, withdrawals) and to reduce the uncertainty related to the delay of cashing the cheque “, according to the explanation given in the draft law.

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