Wednesday, September 28, 2016

“Shirt ripped off” Air France: the suspended prison sentence is needed against the five “rogue” – The Point

Not to be “hummingbirds”, but of “rogue”: a two-to four-month suspended prison sentence was required on Wednesday against five employees of Air France tried to Bobigny for their involvement in the episode of the “shirt ripped off” from the director of human resources.

“This was not an operation of association but an operation of breakers, and then to rogue,” said the prosecutor Philippe Bourion, adhering to the terms employed by the Prime minister Manuel Valls in the aftermath of those incidents.

The prosecution also requested a 1,000 euro fine against the other ten defendants were charged for “damage” in the event of 5 October 2015, before the Air France headquarters at Roissy.

Taken to this day, Xavier Broseta, HR director of Air France at the time, and Pierre Plissonnier, the person responsible for the long-haul, had to flee to the jeers and shouts, shirtless for the first, the shirt in tatters for the second.

The images are “humiliating” the two executives climbing a fence to escape their pursuers had been around the world and tarnished a little more the reputation of France in terms of social dialogue.

The prosecutor said they had taken into account the “context” of these incidents in its requisitions, and called on the court to do the same in its judgment, which will be deliberated. “No one has to mind that when one announces 2.900 layoffs, there would be an obligation to bring flowers,” he said.

As reminded by the leaders of the CGT Air France, Tuesday, at the hearing, these incidents were a result, in effect, to the announcement of a restructuring plan threatening 2.900 jobs in a company already proven by the social plans to repeat (“to 10,000 job losses in ten years”). For the first time, the unions fear layoffs to dry, in particular within the staff on the ground who “many efforts had already been requested”, and which the defendants are from.

- ‘Dragonflies’ and ‘dancers’ -

Putting the incident on account of an “effect pack”, the prosecutor has ironisé on the denials of the accused, which have been identified by the police investigation on the basis of the countless images made in the procedure.

“you All are the descriptions of themselves with delicacies, of dragonflies, of the combinations of dancers. I do not believe this meeting of hummingbirds delicate,” said Mr. Bourion, who has shocked the defence by calling”hyperprotéinés” these defendants to the solid build.

a Lawyer for 12 of the accused, Lilia Mhissen denounced once again the “disloyalty investigation,” “a folder sloppy” dominated by the desire to find “scapegoats”.

She asked the court to take the height with the images in the media. “What write to the media, this is not always the legal truth. You can’t condemn on the basis of a photo sensational”, she said.

The defense, which did include Air France and two companies of guards in a separate hearing that will be held on 9 December, reiterated his belief that the company was guilty of the tort of interference in a social conflict, in particular by locking the access gate to the seat.

An act perceived as a “provocation” by the employees who had entered by force in the seat shouting, “it is our home, here.”

In the morning, the civil party lawyers were relayed to denounce the strategy of defence consisting in the erection of the victims into culprits. A strategy qualified by Me Fanny Colin “classic but vulgar”.

They had also criticised the temptation of the defendants and their supporters, especially within the CGT, to justify the use of physical violence “when it meets a social violence or a situation of despair.”

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