Thursday, September 29, 2016

The government is ready to increase taxes on the high salaries and the CDD? – The Express

Funny timing for such an announcement. While Myriam El Khomri met Pierre Gattaz this evening, the government would be ready to launch what will certainly be seen as a new banana skin by the boss of the bosses.

The ministry of Labour would consider the effect of déplafonner the unemployment contribution of high wages and taxing the short-term, particularly to fund an extension of the plan to 500,000 formations in 2017, says AFP, citing a source close to the folder. According to the latter, who has recently met with the minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri, his office “has investigated the possibility of déplafonner contributions” for unemployment insurance, as stated in Le Parisien in its edition of 29 September.

This is definitely going to spice up the discussion between the minister of Labour and the boss of the bosses, whose history is not good. As much as the day before, Wednesday, September 28, the employers ‘ organisations had denounced a draft decree of the ministry of Labour which include apprentices and trainees in the actual companies. The department has not been slow to communicate about the withdrawal of this measure in the text.

An effort also asked job seekers

The pass of arms of the 29 September thus relates to the unemployment contribution. Today, the base is capped at 12.872 € per month and the allowances to 7.277 euros gross, maximum compensation, which relates that, on average, 500 people per month (0.02% of the beneficiaries, 0.27% of spending) according to the Unédic.

would it Be of déplafonner only these contributions, or unemployment benefits? “They ask the question, they think again, this is not refereed,” said the source, adding that a “taxing short-term contracts” was also considered. A decision, already mentioned by Manuel Valls (and then abandoned) in the debates on the act Work, which had aroused the ire of the patrons. problem: it is a red line that the Medef refused to cross and that is in part the cause of the failure of negotiations on the unemployment insurance.

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“This surplus of contributions would not necessarily have to fill the hole (the unemployment insurance), since it is financed by borrowing, but in order to stabilize the plan, 500,000 of which will be extended in 2017″, specified to the AFP a source close to the folder, adding that “this is not arbitrated”.

Still, according to this same informant, who also met with the cabinet of Manuel Valls, “the prime minister said that nothing was decided, but that there would be an effort to job seekers as”, “under the principle of equality of effort”, Myriam El Khomri claimed his side “it would not touch the job seekers”.

“A mistake of major economic”

Contacted by AFP, the Medef, which must be received Thursday in the evening by Myriam El Khomri, has denounced an “attack on the autonomy of the social partners”, and criticised the government’s lack of “upstream policy dialogue with the social partners”.

According to the employers ‘ organisation, “déplafonner the unemployment contribution would be to massively increase the cost of the work to certain employees, including the highest wages, even as they do not have the benefit of reductions in charges and expenses incurred in the framework of the pact of responsibility.”

For the employers ‘ organisation, “this penalization increased jobs and the most qualified would be an error of major economic and a drama for the attractiveness” of the country, “even as the Brexit opens instead new opportunities that we should seize”. What are the “reflections of technocratic, which do not take into account the reality of the labour market”, he vilified in a press release.

new consultation

The announcement could be made before the end of the year,” after “consultation to the ministry with the social partners”, said the famous source, according to which the government will not do anything if it was not “a majority of trade union organizations to agree” with the (draft) decree. “They take when the same precautions, the law Work over there”, she ironisé.

“One feels very well that they are in the preparatory phase of elections, with the desire to find subjects that would have the approval of the trade union organisations”, commented another recent caller to the minister.

Questioned by AFP, the ministry of Labour has not confirmed this information.

The government, which receives from the beginning of September the trade union and employer organizations, would like to see them reopened this fall, the negotiations on unemployment insurance, which had failed in June after the refusal of the Medef to modulate employers ‘ contributions, even on contracts shorter. Since then, the main employers ‘ organisation has not changed position, and the unions refuse to negotiate in these conditions.


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