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When  the manifestation of support to the employees of  Alstom, Belfort, Saturday, September 24.

This is the last line right. The government and the management of Alstom are expected to submit, not Friday, 30 September as referred to by the trade unions, but rather Monday 3 or Tuesday 4 October, their proposals to maintain activity on the site of Belfort, and more broadly to strengthen the twelve sites of the builder of railways in France.

After a meeting, Friday, September 23, in the evening, between Christophe Sirugue, the secretary of State in charge of industry, and Henri Poupart-Lafarge, the president and ceo of the group, the discussions have continued throughout the weekend. the ” An alternative plan for the transfer of the production of locomotives and motor of Belfort in Reichshoffen [Bas-Rhin], announced on 7 September, is achievable, but it is still necessary to validate a few steps, and this can only be done in a few days, if we want this to work for the future “, explains a close to the folder.

Belfort, the wait is extremely strong. Saturday, September 24, from 3 500 to 5 000 people marched during a ” day dead “. It is nearly 10 % of the population of the Lion city. The ” Alsthommes “, as they are known, have shown to get the faster and a more permanent solution for the historic site in which it was created, forty years ago, the first high-speed train.

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Sunday, September 25, Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, said that the State, which holds 20 % of the voting rights on the board of directors of the group rail, a ” the duty to save “ the manufacturer and its historical site of Belfort. However, it is Monday, September 26, that the first elements could be distilled on the future of the site belfortain.

” The activity could fall by 30 % in the future “

Henri Poupart-Lafarge should introduce the strategy of Alstom for its production sites in France and more specifically its website, eastern France, Monday, at a central committee of extraordinary company, before going, Tuesday, September 27, at the national Assembly, to answer the deputies ‘ questions.

the same day, the trade union organisations have announced a day of strike. the ” The objective is to mobilize a maximum number of people to demonstrate in front of the headquarters of the group. A TGV train has been chartered to enable the employees of Belfort and Ornans [Doubs] manifest. Coming by TGV is a strong symbol, “, insists Philippe Pillot, working class.

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During the mobilization, negotiations are going well and all options are explored. The goal is for the State to find a lasting solution not only for the site belfortain, but also for all of the sites of manufacture or assembly of the group hexagon. the ” Belfort is only one piece of the puzzle. The future of the site of Petit-Croix [Territoire de Belfort], Reischoffen or La Rochelle, or all of the component sites are also now in question with the fall in public sector orders in France “, is afraid of Patrick, Cara, of the CFDT.

Tuesday, 20 September, during the InnoTrans trade Show in Berlin, Henri Poupart-Lafarge had explained that, without new orders in France, ” the activity could fall by 30 % in the future “ on all sites to hexagon. This could lead to a socially important, knowing that the French sites are dependent on 60 % of the local commands.

factories also turned towards export.

” Risk of losing all the accumulated know-how “

in Order to find a global solution, the government will therefore need prior to any restart commands, without relying only on the calls, like that of the RER of the new generation. Several commands, such as six-speed TGV to SNCF for online franco-Italian, or of locomotives of the works for the RATP, are being discussed. Alain Vidalies, secretary of State in charge of transport, has not hidden that it would place these commands in two public companies.

The government is going to have to also raise the issue of the future order of 1 billion euros of trains balance of the territory (TET), ex-City). Must he, like Alain Vidalies announced this summer, expect a new tender to acquire these trains or should it finally resorting to the framework contracts that exist between Alstom and the SNCF for regional trains ? the ” trade-offs interdepartmental are necessary “, corresponds to a source.

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Replenish the order book national Alstom’s not enough to save the site, which employed 480 employees, of which 400 are, for the moment, supposed to join Reichshoffen, of Belfort. the ” Between 2018 and 2022, and the expected date for the first orders of the new generation of TGV, the site of Belfort will be a low activity of three to four years, depending on the solutions found. You will need to take the risk of losing all the accumulated know-how “, reminds Philippe Pillot, FO.

” today, all sites are vulnerable “

In the absence of additional controls of locomotives or TRAIN, it will be necessary to diversify the site. Bercy leads to multiple reflections in parallel. Alstom could first of all relocate activities to Belfort from other sites.

the management of The group is in the process of placing all functions in the comb : trade, maintenance, engineering, or signaling activity, in order to diversify in the future the site of Belfort. And to mark the spirits, the site should benefit in the medium term a significant investment by Alstom to help it negotiate its diversification.

” Why not, but it is important not to undress Paul to dress Jacques. Today, all sites are vulnerable, and some, such as the Valenciennes [to the North], already know the part-time unemployment. Then, it must be done the smart way , reminds Patrick of Cara, of the CFDT.

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Bercy and Alstom are also looking at other solutions. All eyes are turning to General Electric (GE), which has its largest industrial site in France in front of the site rail, Alstom in Belfort. This factory build the giant turbines for power plants.

In the framework of the commitments of GE to the State during the acquisition of Alstom Power and, in 2015, the american giant has promised to create 1,000 net new jobs in France before 2018. Of this total, ” Belfort is expected to recruit at least 200, particularly at Alstom Transport “, merely to recognize in the GE. However, the American may very well take up, at least temporarily, of the workers of the railway builder to an increase in future orders, especially those related to the contract won for the nuclear power plant of Hinkley Point, the Uk – a practice already known in the Lion city.

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