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Textile Museum: back nine months to close better? –

Dominique Largeron

The horizon seems apparently to have emerged as to the future of museum of Textiles. Nobody wanted to take responsibility of abrupt closure, efforts have been made, from Gérard Collomb, in particular. But only sufficient to maintain the structure until the end of the year, not to perpetuate …

Textile Museum: back nine months to  close better? The Textile Museum of Lyon.

The hypothesis of the sudden closure March 14 the Textile Museum of Lyon did move the lines.


Emmanuel Imberton President of the CCI Lyon-Métropole did not propose to the general meeting of the CCI Lyon-Métropole scheduled on Monday 14 March to cut all credit to this museum it funded so far in lost funds .


It will ask the same consular elected to vote an additional budget of € 1 million to the museum; an extension they will vote for sure.


So far, Emmanuel Imberton camped on a clear and simple position: the Lyon CCI no longer afford to fund the museum saw the cuts the state has made in its finances. It was at that same state to act, and communities, if they want to keep this museum in Lyon.


Gérard Collomb no longer deaf


A strong language that has come to be understood. Especially by Gérard Collomb, Mayor of Lyon and President of the Metropolis which was hitherto deaf ear. “I asked for exceptional aid to the Metropolis of Lyon and the City of Lyon which will provide 125,000 euros each” , he announced on March 9.


And to ensure that it intends to tour even common component Metropolis including the mayors “will be asked to contribute financially to this outstanding contribution …”


Even better, the mayor of Lyon agrees “Brigitte Saby, international designer, trying to get around French and foreign patrons, to mobilize around the exceptional collection of the Museum”


This financial boost that added to the 250 000 euros provided by the state and the same amount decided by the Regional Council of Laurent Wauquiez which helped to save in extremis-provisoirement- Museum says Emmanuel Imberton, President of the Lyon Chamber of Commerce.


Hence a great sigh of relief from the Prefect of the Rhone, Michel Delpuech that the passage stresses that the immediate dismissal of twenty employees of the museum would in any event cost € 1.3 million …


“Acter at the same time the museum closes, if …”


However, there is the Museum definitively saved? Of course not, and if the lines do not move more by the end of the year, it would be better to close back.


The President of the Lyon Chamber of Commerce remains firm: “I will propose to the elected ICC to enact the same time ( Editor’s note: during the vote on the extension of 1 million euro s) closing the museum end 2016, if no lasting solution can not be reached in the next few months. “


This is the state that has the key


In the story, which has the key? A key player: the state. It would suffice to recognize the Textile Museum as National Museum for a part of the path is made.


“The absolutely exceptional collections of the Museum of Textiles and Decorative Arts Museum than justify their inclusion in the list of National Museums’ , says Emmanuel Imberton.


It would also behind communities and textile companies, via Unitex, who are committed to create a foundation to help the museum manage to assemble a financial record that makes sense, concurrently to the State


The CCI of Lyon-Métropole is committed also to accelerate the process, “in the event that a viable solution emerges, to transfer them to the state collections and make them available both mansions that house … “


Enough to permanently unlock the file, where are we going to continue to play the long game of bluff? For the moment, nothing is …


Published March 13, 2016 LARGERON Dominique .

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