Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nuclear: strange complaints – South West

P lainte Switzerland against France on the Bugey nuclear power plant. Complaint from Germany about Fessenheim. In order to stay in tune, I think France should file a complaint against Germany about the power plants of the country (especially lignite) Electricity generators certainly, but especially of CO2 pollution and fine particles which alas not stop at the German border (the megatonnes of CO2 and fine particles emitted by our neighbors greatly involved in Parisian pollution peaks). When
in Switzerland, screaming to death on the central Bugey, why does not close its nuclear power plant Beznau, who is 10 years older than that of Fessenheim and fifteen more than the Bugey?
why this frenzy German about Fessenheim (including Germany is happy to use part of the production to compensate for the shortcomings of its wind) without issuing protest about Beznau, which, too, very close to the German-Swiss border?
Surprisingly, not (as would have said the late Dr. Cyclopède)!
There remain perplexed and what question the sincerity of those complaints and their real reasons.
Jean-François Chaubaron, Saint-André-de-Cubzac (33)


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