Thursday, March 17, 2016

Paris – Compensation of employees: a “significant gesture” expected Thursday – L’Express

Until hypothetical increase of the index point, frozen since 2010, used to calculate the remuneration of officials, seems now acquired. Manuel Valls said Tuesday “ a significant gesture “, the press is between 0.5% and 1.5%, as a political gesture in the current social context and in a year of presidential elections.

Besides the exact amount remains to know the terms of this revaluation, the unions hope to live up to the efforts made in recent years.

But a 1% increase in the value of the point would have a cost of € 1.85 billion for the three public functions (State, territorial and hospital), according to the Court of Auditors. Hence the warning Bercy: “ it is not about (this increase) reached unreasonable levels “, insisted Wednesday Emmanuel Macron.

Whatever the announced increase, it already cringe among Republicans. “ From electioneering at the expense of French ” ruled Eric Woerth, their Secretary General, speaking in a claim “ infinançable .” Nicolas Sarkozy has already set “ primary objective ” delete “ between 300,000 and 350,000 posts ” officials in a five-year period.

For François Bayrou, president of the Modem, a revaluation is “ legitimate ” but fears “ very difficult because we will have even financed by impasses “. The FN also is “ favorable ” but wants “ great local authorities ” cease “ recruit supernumerary officials .”

In 2014, the public wage bill – that is to say, spending the 5.4 million civil servants personnel, plus the agents of public bodies, or 5.64 million of people in total – amounted to 278 billion euros, nearly a quarter of public spending, according to the Court of Auditors.

– Recognition –

For the unions, there is no question of merely symbolic measures after six years of freezing and participation of officials in the amount of seven billion euros the effort to restore the public finances, highlighted by the Minister Annick Girardin and, before her, marylise lebranchu. All in a context where the government has continued to praise the police and hospital staff, much in demand at the time of the attacks.

Time for balance of power ,” warned Jean-Marc Canon CGT (first labor force) that has “ provided notice strike covering the period from 17 to 31 March “, so that agents can mobilize, both to their purchasing power as against the bill work.

After a mobilization on 26 January in the call of the CGT, FO (third union strength) and Solidarity (sixth), civil servants threaten to strike again on 22 March.

The index point, to 4.63 euros frozen since 2010, “ dropped out of 7 to 8% compared to inflation ,” said the CGT, while FO that says “ 8% loss of purchasing power .”

The CFDT (second union force) either will not be content to “ scoops ,” saying that “ it is urgent to translate into earnings recognition the daily work of staff . ”

As for the FSU, the first teachers’ union, she also warned that officials “ would not accept symbolic measures .” “ I do not know where the Prime Minister sets the bar (…) We will not let pass this appointment wage without saying that we have to say ,” said AFP Bernadette Groison, its general secretary.

should be left to negotiation the possibility of being useful “, believes his side Unsa (fourth union strength).

This appointment wage provided for by the protocol on the courses, careers and remuneration of agents (PPCR), originally scheduled in February. It was delayed because of redesign.


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